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45 things at my 45th Birthday


It is my birthday today and it is snowing!  Hurrah!

I snagged an idea from the lovely Greta at Gfunkified to write 45 things about me on my 45th birthday.  So, here goes.

45 at 45.

1. I am 45 today.

2. I have a degree in Fashion Design.

3. I am reading ‘Everything I Never Told You’ by Celeste Ng.

4. My favourite music at the minute is Twenty One Pilots, George Ezra and Max Jury.

5. I was a teen of the 80’s and my favourite music then was Madness, The Specials, The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees.

6. I would like to have met Roald Dahl.

7. I like caramel shortbread very much, thankfully I don’t see it much over here.

8. My favourite season is Autumn.

9. I prefer to be cold than hot.

10. I like scarves. A lot.

11. My favourite way to exercise is hiking, pilates, yoga, boxing and running (sometimes…).

12. My favourite films ever are Cinema Paradiso and Pretty in Pink, although I haven’t seen either lately, so I might not like them anymore!

13. I would like to learn better photo taking.

14. I would like to learn how to do lovely hand lettering.

15. I bake lots of cakes and cookies.

16. Bread is one of my favourite things to make.

17. I collect old buttons.

18. I love snail mail.

19. When I was a teen I got black highlights in my hair which was so dark anyway, I am pretty sure you couldn’t even see them!

20. When I was a teen I was a goth.

21.  I love washi tape but never quite know what to do with it.

22. I like to eat raw peas, preferably from the garden, straight off the plant.

23.  Tomato plant is one of my favourite smells.

24.  I like to make soup, but don’t like to eat it so much.

25.  My first proper concert was U2 at Wembly stadium.  I passed out in the line to get in, lost all my friends and couldn’t remember where the bus was parked to get home.  I did manage to find the bus though and enjoyed my first concert by myself!

26. I don’t really like running, but I do like it when I am done.

27.  I have done 3 half marathons.

28.  I have no desire to do a full marathon.

29.  I did a Mud Run once and it was the most terrifying most exhilirating run I have ever done and it took a week to get rid of all the mud!

30.  I like it when people wish me a good day.

31.  I don’t like it when people don’t hold the door when I am right behind them.

32.  If I am not into a book by about page 30, I give up on it!  Sometimes it takes me a few duff book choices to find one I get into.

33.  I don’t buy cookies very often because eating the whole lot is not a challenge for me!

34. I really wish I knew more about the numbers I use on my ‘proper’ camera.

35.  I live my life by lists.

36.  I like to paint and play around with brush script.

37.  I love to thrift shop, some of my best clothing items are from Goodwill.

38.  I love to find treasures at yard sales and estate sales.  Tins of buttons are true treasure in my department.

39.  I started to dye my hair in my twenties.

40.  I stopped dyeing it in April of this year, the last of the dye is still there but nearly all gone.

41.  I thought grey hair would scare me, but it doesn’t.

42.  My favourite English biscuits are Party Rings.

43.  My favourite food is ramen (no, not the packets….!).

44. I can’t walk in high heels for the life of me.

45. I love magazines, especially Frankie, Red, Jamie Oliver’s magazine and Flow.

Happy Wednesday!



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  1. Enjoyed your list Clare – I am 45 next year so many of your list items resonated with me (U2, The Cure etc). I will be stealing this idea in September 2015 ! I love autumn, scarves, the cold and soup too (which is kind of unfortunate living in Australia ‘n all – we only really experience it for a few months each year !) and caramel shortbread sounds like my idea of heaven. Thanks for sharing !

  2. Happy 45th Birthday lovely Clare!! You sound so much like me. All those bands were my favourites in my early (punk) days. I didn’t like goths. Maybe because I lived in Brisbane where the temperatures soared to the high 30’s with high humidity and they just looked ridiculous wearing their trench coats and boots. Much more suited to the U.K. I had a mohawk (as in Bow Wow Wow style). I will be stealing this idea for my 50th next year. Hope you had a wonderful day. xx

    • How cool were you with your mohawk! I always wanted my hair to stick up, but it is so fine it just flopped!

      • Bar soap Clare! I have fine hair too but back in the day we used to use soap in our hair to keep it up. It would dry it out sooo much!

      • Yay! If I ever have the urge for sticking up hair, I know what to use!! I know people who used sugar water too.

  3. My daughter agrees with numbers 6 and 21. I disagree with 13 and 14 (you are a great photographer and you already have beautiful hand lettering). You have great taste in music and I can’t walk in high heels either. Happy Birthday!!!!!

    • I love Roald Dahl books and can’t wait to see the new movie coming out. When you figure out the best way to use washi tape, let me know!!! Pretty though.

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