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Packing Tape Image Transfer Ideas.

Packing Tape Image Transfer
I was browsing Creative Bug this week and came across the ‘Image Transfer’ class which to be honest I would have skipped, but my youngest wanted to have a look. So we watched the intro and the first lesson which was packing tape image transfer. We had tape and we had images in magazines and old books, so we thought we would give it a go and it looked pretty straightforward.
Packing tape image transfer
We found that book images worked best, black and white were especially effective. We didn’t use photocopies, but I would imagine that they would work well too.
The key is to find a picture or part of a picture which will fit within the parameters of the tape. No good picking a big image with you can only partly use, if you want the whole thing. Pick out the best part of the picture and place your tape over that.
Packing tape image transfer
Once the tape is firmly pressed down with no air bubbles (I used a ruler to rub the tape onto the paper), tear or cut around the taped image and soak it in warm water for a few minutes. We found that some paper comes off easily with a gentle rub to remove the paper pulp from the tape and some needs a few more minutes.  Don’t rub too hard and try not to crease or fold the tape.Packing tape image transfer

The next thing to decide is what to do with the lovely transfers you have just made.  Some of them are still quite sticky on the back once they dry, so they can almost be used as stickers.  I put this tiger into the diary as a record of our activity, he sticks by himself and I like that you can see through the clear part of the image to the diary page.

Packing tape image transfer

These black and white images came from a children’s book which I bought from the library’s sale rack for 25c.  They were somewhat sticky, and I used some pretty washi tape to stick them onto the postcard.  I also added some hand lettering and doodles.

The whole process is well worth it and you can do some lovely projects with the images once they are on the tape.  You could –

1. Cut out the image and make a sticker.

2. Make cards with them.

3. Use them in an art journal or a regular journal.

4. Make them with kids and keep them entertained for an hour or two.

5. Stick them down and make them the base for a whole new drawing/painting.

6. Sew them onto a card.

7. Make a bookmark with them.

I followed the instructions at Creative Bug, but I also found a good tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.  I am sure Pinterest is awash with tutorials and ideas for this method too.

We used pictures from old National Geographics from charity shops and used children’s books from the library sale shelf.

Have you done image transfer?  What did you use your images for?



  1. Thank you for this awesome inspiration. I didn’t know it was so easy or could look so cool. And I have a lit of extra packing tape right now. lol And I love that washi tape. It looks perfect with your images.

    • I bet there are a ton of thing to do with the images, especially if they end up sticky again. Packing tape stickers everywhere!

  2. Oh Claire, these are so cool! I have just spent a lovely evening with my girl (who is horse mad) finding horse pics in magazines and making transfers. We found beautiful images in a glossy lifestyle mag and a few in a local community rag. It is so much FUN! We will definitely be making more.
    The glossy mag came away completely clean and the cheaper paper needed rubbing. I prefered the more grainy images from the rubbed-away paper. Lots of fun, and even fast enough to hold the attention of boys (I’m planning a lego catalog transfer session with my seven year old tearaway for next week). Thanks for some easy holiday craft!

    • I didn’t use new mags, so I must get on that! I love the idea of using the Lego catalogue too.

  3. This looks like a really fun thing to do. I’m going to pin this and then later on in the year get my Beavers to make some Christmas cards using this method. Thanks for the idea

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