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March 2014 Photo a Day

So begins the March Photo a Day challenge round up!  Yellow is one of my favourite colours, so a great start.

March saw snow and snow days off school, we had a few trips out to local State Parks and the zoo which is always a treat.

I read ‘The Hive’ by Gill Hornby and laughed all the way through it. Being a Brit living in the US, it always a joy to find such an ‘English’ book. None of the colloquial language had been edited and I loved all of it!  Now what to read? I think I am going to give ‘The Goldfinch’ by Donna Tartt a go. Have you read it? Any recommendations?

The garlic is growing nicely in the raised beds and I have planted some Basil, Coriander/Cilantro and Ancho chili pepper seeds in pots, so we can’t wait to see them start to shoot up.

And of course I took a photo every day following the prompts provided by Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim. Thanks Chantelle!

20140303-144151.jpg 1. Yellow

20140303-144219.jpg 2. Something borrowed.  Lots of library books.

20140303-144239.jpg 3. My name is…

20140309-124131.jpg 4. On my mind.  These gorgeous beads and what to make with them.

20140309-124208.jpg 5. Something beginning with i…

20140309-124248.jpg 6. Chair

20140401-172202.jpg7.  Fly. Wonder where this plane is heading?

20140401-172302.jpg8.  In the Corner.  Of the St Louis Public Library.

20140401-172329.jpg9.  10am. Found a tennis ball!

20140401-172428.jpg10.  Far Away.  Ha ha, this guy looks far away!

20140401-172505.jpg11.  Something Good.  Clouds, they are good.

20140401-172525.jpg12.  Partial.

20140401-172549.jpg13.  Fresh.  Bread dough going to be a pizza.

20140401-172624.jpg14.  Care.  Taking care not to step on the little flowers peeking up.

20140401-172649.jpg15.  Evening.

20140401-172800.jpg16.  Beautifully Ordinary.  Magnolia tree with the sun and oranges, combined with the Diana photo app.

20140401-172817.jpg17. Today’s Weather.

20140401-172841.jpg18.  Five Years Ago.  A visit from my little brother.

20140401-173051.jpg 19.  Cropped.  Powerpuff Girl.

20140401-173108.jpg20.  Letter.

20140401-173126.jpg21. Full.  Flowers in full bloom.

20140401-173149.jpg22.  Morning.  Spotted our first cake to celebrate St Louis’s 250 birthday at the farmer’s market in the morning.

20140401-173217.jpg23.  I’m Loving… this book, very good!

20140401-173255.jpg24.  One of a kind.  New tassel necklace made by me, heading into my Etsy shop.

20140401-173317.jpg25.  Soft. 

20140401-173330.jpg26.  I am Here.  Metro link station.

20140401-173343.jpg27.  Something I Made.  New adjustable necklace with wood beads and sage green leather.

20140401-173406.jpg28.  Nostalgia.  

20140401-173417.jpg29.  Sticky.  Lovely mini cupcakes.

20140401-173436.jpg30.  Fast.  Speedy seals at the St Louis Zoo.

20140401-173445.jpg31.  Faux.  My hair colour!

All done!  Do you do this challenge?  Or any other challenges?  I do find them good, for a little jolt of creativity every day and I soon got into the habit of taking a photo daily.

I think I like 16 and 17  which were ‘made’ using the Diana app on the iPad.  Of course I love Buttercup the Powerpuff girl too!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Gosh Clare, did you take all those photos? I would still be trying to think of ideas for most of them! Was trying to pick a favourite but couldn’t, love the flower, the far away haha and the metro link!

  2. I love these pictures, especially the apple next to the rough wood. By the way, you have excellent hair!

  3. RebeccaHJ says

    My favourite is ‘evening’. Wow. How did you do the outline on that shot? Great post 🙂

      • RebeccaHJ says

        Brilliant Clare – will need to check this out as it is amazing! 🙂

    • Heike, you take such great photos. The prompt can usually be manipulated to be about anything you like. Think healthy artistic license….! It is very cool when you have a month or two completed and it also makes the easiest blog post in the world!!

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