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Weekly Photos 20/52











1.  My neighbour’s lovely onion head flower.

2.  Birdy at the zoo.

3.  Seal teeth.

4.  Seal watching.

5.  Hippo behind the fish.

6.  Rain soaked Peony.

7.  Clouds on Hipstamatic.

8.  Watching kickball.

9.  Thistle at the Metro train track.

This week was hot and cold and sunny and rainy.  Pretty much all weather covered!  I survived a school field trip to the zoo where we saw lots of animals even though it rained all day.  I had a small group of kids to herd and they all had a great time, not a single complaint about the rain!

I have been stalking the neighbourhood flowers, they are so glorious, I have to snap photos whenever I get chance.  The peonies were so gorgeous in the rain, I didn’t care that I was on my knees with my camera trying to get the best angle with flower and raindrops in perfect harmony (and focus).

I haven’t used the Hipstamatic app for a while as sometimes all of those lens/film choices get a little overwhelming.  This week saw a few successful Hipsta shots.

Whenever we catch the Metro through the summer there are always fabulous thistles along the track (not too close I hasten to add!).  I like to get photos of their vibrant colours and when they have gone to fluffy seed.

All of these photos were taken on my iPhone 4, except the peony which I used my Canon Rebel to capture.

Do you take lots of photos?  Are you good at carrying your camera or do you end up snapping on your phone like me?


  1. Hi Clare, visiting from Blog With Pip. Lovely photos. I have a tendency to use my Iphone5 only because I always have it with me and it is so easy to upload photos to Facebook and Instagram.

  2. Lovely photos, I like to use either, but try to stick with my real camera for blog photos. Sometimes I’m guilty of taking the same photo with both, haha! Phone photo for Instagram and real camera for later blog post 😉

  3. Those are awesome…I am always taking pictures. I live in the country right now and am always taking them of the birds, spiders, bugs, ground….etc..may have to join your weekly photo club!

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