About Clare


Welcome to my blog, where I will be sharing creations, ideas, photos and all kinds of creativity.

I am British, from Lincoln, UK and have lived here in St Louis, Missouri, USA since 2003 with my husband and two boys.

Some of my favorite things are art journaling, watercolors, sketching, writing, baking, making my own sketchbooks and creating anything and everything.

I really like to treasure hunt at estate sales, yard sales and pretty much any sale!  It is amazing what you find if you keep your eyes open.

We chat lots here about creativity, how to find it and how best to use it.  I fully believe in the power of art in all forms and I try to make some kind of art everyday whether that is a messy painted background in my art journal, hand lettering or a quick sketch.

Keeping fit and active is a huge part of my life, my current loves are yoga, pilates and indoor cycling.

Contact me at catseatdogs@sbcglobal.net




  1. Hi! You live in STL now and I moved away in 2010 after having lived there all my life. I am working on a blog post about choosing to go grey and would like to use a photo of you with link back to your blog. Please let me know if that is acceptable or not. Thanks

  2. fromdreamtoplan says

    Hi Clare! Happy to have found your blog! I love the layout, the style the content…everything! I’ve read some of your posts and you works are awesome! Looking forward to following you πŸ™‚

    Lisa | http://www.fromdreamtoplan.net/

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