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The 100 Day Project 2018.


Are you participating in The 100 day project this year? Have you done it before?  With success or did you find something else to do instead?!

I did my first 100 day project in 2015 when I drew or made a mandala for 100 days , see those here. In 2016 I did 100 days of altered cards using old playing cards as my starting point every day.

Last year I admit that I didn’t love my project choice, of course I thought it was a good one when I chose to do it, but as the days progressed I wasn’t really enjoying the process. So 100 days of creative ideas was a good idea (irony is not lost) which turned out to be not so great! I finished though and I do like the pile of cards and ideas I have.

For this year’s project I thought about 100 days of altered photographs as I have a trillion vintage black and white photos.

How about 100 days of drawing botanicals? Honestly I am not sure I could stick to such a confined box for 100 days.  I love to draw botanicals but I don’t want to end up hating it!!

100 days of collage?  100 days of tiny collage?  Again, I think I need more room to move if I am doing this for 100 days.

The project I have landed on (unless I change my mind of course) is going to be 100 days of freeform mandalas.  Yes, I know I did mandalas three years ago, but I think I can do 100 more which won’t be the same.  I will incorporate botanicals and collage I am certain and maybe I will draw a mandala or two over a vintage photo.

I already have some ideas and mini themes to keep me going and I will keep a list of ideas for when I get stuck.  My list of ideas looks something like this – use only one colour, flowers, collage, watercolour, on a book page, on a scrap of paper, use various media like pens paint stickers or stamps,  botanicals, on an old photo, 3D with sticks or shells.  The possibilities are endless and I hope I can pull out 100!

I am deliberately not designating a sketchbook to this project because I want them to appear when and where I want them.  If I have no paper, I will draw on a receipt (my bag is always full of them!), I may incorporate one into an art journal page or an existing sketchbook I am working in or I may use chalk and draw one on the sidewalk!

My hashtag on Instagram will be #100daysoffreeformmandalas and the start date is April 3rd 2018.

What would you do for 100 days?  Are you doing the 100 day project?

Happy Wednesday x



  1. I didn’t 100 day challenge before. I want to do it. I want to make little dayly sticker. I don’t know how to start, then to start, take new album or make it on peace of paper, and ect. 100 days every day?
    You are very brave if you did same 100 days challenges.

  2. I hate to hear that you disliked your project so much last year. I loved coming back and seeing what new ideas you had each time you posted them. But, I can also see how coming up with the idea without actually implementing them can get exhausting. I’m looking forward to seeing your mandalas. I’ve recently become a little more interested in them and have tried to draw some of my own, though I struggle with it some. I’m sure yours will inspire the heck out of me! Now, I just need to decide if I’m doing the 100days again and what! I really enjoyed it last year and am not sure if I want to repeat my earring project again or not. I’ve got a month to decide! Until then, I’m looking forward to yours 🙂

    • I think it was the way I presented the ideas which seemed like a good idea at the time but then at around day 50 I decided I didn’t like it!!! Yes, go for it, you will think of something great. Didn’t you make 100 earrings last year?

      • I did make 100 earrings. And, it was a GREAT project and source of inspiration for me. I think 100 earrings would be fun again (I still have my box packed), but I want to try something different this year. So, I’m sorting through ideas. I hope to hit on something soon!

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