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The 100 Day Project 2021

Ok, this year I am going to finish. This is my 100 day project mantra to be repeated from January 31st when the project starts until it finishes, er, 100 days later, I haven’t looked at the finish date!!

I have completed the 100 Day Project at least four times in previous years, so I know I can do it and this year I will.

So what to do for 100 days? I mean I could literally choose anything from knitting to yoga via mono prints and oil paintings.

I had a few ideas which started with painting with watercolours which evolved into painting with watercolors in series of 10 themes. This further evolved into ‘100 days of series’ which would be series of themes/media such as collage, watercolour, gel printing etc.

Then as I walked back from Target today I thought maybe I would enjoy ‘100 days of collage’ but as a series of themes, so the 100 days would be broken down into 10 sets of 10 days and each group would have a theme. For example, ten days of making collage fodder (good way to start off I think) followed by ten days of monochrome collage, then ten days of gel print collage, ten days of found word collage and so on. So now I just need to think up a relevant hashtag for my project!

I am hoping this will allow me to complete the 100 days by breaking it down into bite size chunks and making it less overwhelming and I will finish!

Are you joining in the 100 day project this year? I am quite pleased with the earlier start date. What are you planning to do for 100 days? Share your hashtags in the comments or on Instagram so I can follow along with your project.

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