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One + Four = Life. Weekly Photos 42/52.

Ikea biscuits


Purple Hair

Green tomatoes

Halloween decorations


1. Ikea has recently opened in St Louis and I went to check it out this week, I haven’t been to an Ikea in over ten years, so it was nice to have a look around and get stocked up on Elderflower cordial and Swedish chocolates.  The cookies/biscuits in this picture are like mini ‘jammie dodgers’ which makes them a winner!

2. My purple hair is fading rather nicely I think and I have had many conversations about the radical application of colour on top of grey/white rather than bleaching to start with.  The lady in the post office informed me helpfully that a very popular colour to dye hair at the minute is grey, so that is handy to know!

3. Over the weekend we had our first ‘frost advisory’ in the weather forecast – be advised, there may be a frost.  So I picked some of the green tomatoes from the vines and I chucked a tarpaulin over the rest.  What to do with green tomatoes which won’t induce a nasty stomach ache?  After some research (thanks Pinterest), I made some ‘Spicy tomato pickles’.  I am supposed to wait six weeks before eating them, so I hope they are not a disaster!

4. Another job this week was Halloween decorating which my ten year old happily takes on.  I brought up the decorations from the basement and we invested in a selection of bones for the occasion.  I decorated the porch and he made this rather ace graveyard which has already caused consternation among the neighborhood dogs!

So Autumn is here with Halloween around the corner and cold nights and mornings firmly in place.  Almost time to carve the pumpkins and make soup from their innards!!

Happy Monday x

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I live in St Louis, MO, but I am originally from Lincoln, Great Britain. My family and I have lived in the Mid West for over 15 years now. My blog is www.catseatdogs.com where I blog and chat about all kinds of creative stuff.


  1. Oh Clare: a trip to IKEA, now that must have been exciting! And the mere thought of elderflower cordial has my mouth watering! Your hair looks so cool! Ombre-like (you’re all fashionable now!!!)….fingers crossed for the green tomato pickles….you could also try to make some chutney?? Your son made a very good job of the decorations (quite scary, actually!)….

    • I love the elderflower cordial, my Mum makes it, but I have never seen Elderflowers here in the US, so I make do with Ikea’s offering! I hope the pickles are nice, especially as I gave my neighbor a jar (that could be embarrassing if they are crap!).
      Scary is what he was going for I think! 10 year olds can be gross!

  2. i used to live 2 hrs away from ikea in the states and now i have one 7 minutes up the road… a perk to living in a nordic country, they are all over the place.
    one of the things we love from the ikea food store is cheese. not sure if they offer that or not over there but give it a try some time. i buy a couple blocks at a time because if mr. c runs out he get whiny.

    you know i laughed OUT LOUD at the helpful hair advise of the post office lady. she’s got her finger on the pulse of what’s hot.

    • The post office ladies know where it’s at! I am nearly back to grey, so then she will tell me I should go blue! I will look for Ikea cheese next time I go, it is a zoo at the minute because it has only just opened.

  3. A very effective graveyard! Clever boy! I’m impressed you escaped IKEA before you ended up in a graveyard!

    • Ha! I am a very impatient shopper, so I whizz around Ikea and get out as fast as I can (which isn’t very fast really!). The graveyard makes me smile every time I look at it! Especially when the squirrels are digging about in it!

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous, Clare. My very cool friend who is 31 dyed her hair grey, so the post office lady does indeed have her finger on the fashion pulse 😉 Yum, green tomato pickle! I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that Halloween photo…was like ‘Oh no, someone’s died and they’ve buried them in the garden, ah!’ but then I remembered the whole Halloween thing 🙂 Phew, relief! You know, I haven’t been to an IKEA for a very long time…it’s a bit like Bunnings (is that a thing in the US/UK? Huge hardware store where you can get lost?), I’m slightly resistant because I’m scared it will take up all my weekend time! xx

    • Yes, Ikea can easily take up way too much time and I have no patience for shops or shopping, I like to get in, grab what I need and get out! I am going to make more pickles this weekend as I have lots of tomatoes and let’s face it, they are not ripening now. My son is very proud of his gross graveyard and the squirrels like it too, I am sure they are burying their acorns in there.

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