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The 100 day project 2020

The 100 day project starts tomorrow and I am in! I have done the project for about 5 years now and I have always got into it and ended up with a nice chunk of work. Some themes worked better than others and I hope this years will be a winner!

In the past I have drawn mandalas and recorded ideas and last year I did 100 days of blueand I think this and the first mandala year are my favorites.  

This year I have made a book and I am going to fill it with 100 days of black and white.  This way it will have a theme but I will also have enough scope for lots of ideas to fill it with.

Inside my book is mainly plain drawing and watercolor paper with a few sheets of vintage ledger paper.

The tutorial for this book style is from the wonderful and gorgeous Peg and Awl website.

Are you doing the 100 Day Project?  What are you doing?  Do tell!

Happy Monday x


  1. Your book looks amazing! So pleased you enjoyed the tutorial. I hope your project is going well, I am playing catch up 😫

    • The 100 day project this year is a big catch up for me too! I always seem to be a day or three behind! I have made these books for friends and family and I am so grateful for the tutorial.

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