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Blogging is fab!


I have been blogging properly for a year now, so here I am going to share why I still am doing it and enjoying it.  When I say ‘properly’ I mean regularly I suppose, I actually started a blog over a year ago, but I only wrote when I thought I had something to say.  Now I just babble on about anything three or four times a week.  Lucky lucky you!

I must say the regularity has been a good thing and I remember reading somewhere when I started to blog that even if you blog weekly, that is enough.  I disagree totally with this, people don’t come and read and join in when there is nothing new.  I don’t over examine my numbers, but it is clear when I haven’t written for a day or two as lovely readers don’t come to play until I write a new post.  I also try to have a bit of a blog schedule, so with any luck you might get a Halloween post before October 29th when it is a mite late for new craft or recipe ideas, no matter how genius!

Since I have been blogging, I have met some wonderful and amazingly interesting people around the world.  I have had ideas and projects I never would have gained if it wasn’t for the likes of Pip at Meet me at Mikes or Jeanette at Artchoo.  In fact Jeanette’s other blog called It’s all so Funny is one of the first I started to follow regularly.  I remember seeing a post about taking kids to the supermarket and  I literally cried laughing!  In fact here it is, you’re welcome!

I am still quite bad at following and more importantly, reading blogs, but I have a nice little gathering on my Bloglovin‘ list.  Who do you follow?  Can I come?

People lead to people in blogland, I found the wonderful Doodles and Jots blog when I was ferreting around the Artchoo site and Ann’s illustrations and her ideas are brilliant.   If you ever need an art project for kids big or small, just go to Artchoo or Doodles and Jots, you won’t be disappointed.   Everyone is usually happy to share ideas and comment and chat which I love.

I think I can honestly say that if I hadn’t come across Pip’s Blog school hosted by Just B Australia, I don’t think I would be doing this now.  The whole group of bloggers who did the course when I did and the subsequent Facebook page were and still are a complete inspiration and so generous in ideas and cheerleading each other, and who doesn’t need a cheer squad in their life!  I still follow and adore Lou at Make Do Sew and Sarah at Home to Roost.

I don’t have a bazillion readers or comments, but let me tell you, whenever I get an official WordPress  or Facebook ‘like’ or an actual comment my little heart soars!

My hike into the fragrant forest of blogging has been a fantastic one and I have enough sandwiches in my backpack to keep on going!

Do you blog?  Want to start a blog?  Go for it and don’t forget to leave me a link in the comments, I will pop over for a cuppa, so get the kettle on!



  1. Fragrant forest! Yes indeedy. Happy year of blogging and thanks for putting me in your post and making me feel like a superstar. I love when people blog about blogging- it’s so awesome that we can poke around on line and find people we actually like to hear/read about and interact with. Smooch!

  2. I am truly honored Clare, your jewelry and photos inspire me on a daily basis and so glad we met through Jeanette. I had a similar experience early on at All So Funny!
    Love our fragrant forest : ) Here’s to another year!!!

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