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Creative Block Removal in 100 pages of Mark Making.

I have been feeling less than creative of late, I want to make all the things and get all the ideas but nothing is happening, I feel like I am achieving nothing.

Instagram pals are doing all the amazing art and I am thinking I should be doing this too, but I am not.

Yesterday I decided on a whim to get 100 pieces of paper, from old book pages to watercolour paper, and just set myself the goal of making marks on each until all 100 had something on them. I kept it simple and focused on black and white medium.

I seemed to zoom through the first 50 pieces, sloshing ink and paint about and making marks with posca pens. The middle was slower, I was still trying to do something ‘new’ on each piece. Once I let myself follow one idea across a few pieces of paper, I got back into the flow and the final bunch were soon finished.

I ended up with 107 pieces of paper with marks, paint blobs, faces, figures and collage.

I did not create anything of genius but I did make something and the final images are the ones I like best, they are super simple abstract figures and I couldn’t stop painting them even though I was using one of my least favourite inks and a large dagger brush which has felt unwieldy before but for these figures it was perfect. Each one took literally a few seconds and I think that is why I like them so much, some looked just plain weird but the ones which actually look like a person are full of character.

It just shows that sometimes it takes a whole pile of ‘meh’ to get to ‘oh, I like these’.

I hope your Thursday is going well and you are full of inspiration!

Happy Thursday x

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I live in St Louis, MO, but I am originally from Lincoln, Great Britain. My family and I have lived in the Mid West for over 15 years now. My blog is where I blog and chat about all kinds of creative stuff.


  1. Wow Clare, what a great way to get your creative juices flowing again. I absolutely love your simple abstract figures they are simple yet stunning! Really beautiful 🤩 xx

  2. I also have not been feeling creative lately and imagining everyone else on IG is totally going for it! I love your mark making and you inspire me to try something like this to get going again. And I agree, your abstract figures are sublime! Xxx

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