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Taking Stock October 2020

I haven’t written for a while, so I thought it might be a good opportunity to ‘take stock’. This is a super fun quick exercise which was dreamt up by the wonderful Pip at Meet Me At Mikes. It is a nice way to record what you are up to and lovely to look back on. Some of the answers I do quickly and with few words and some I have to come back to.

If you fancy a go, I have a blank list at the end of the post.

Making : Books, I have just finished a very comprehensive and very satisfying online class called ‘Booklove’ with Rachel Hazell who is The Travelling Bookbinder.

Cooking : Dahl for dinner tomorrow. I have soaked the beans and lentils and I am ready to get cooking!

Drinking : Pumpkin coffee made with Trader Joes ground coffee with frothy milk. I find that I often love all things pumpkin spice flavoured about now and then I soon lose interest, so I shall see how I feel about pumpkin coffee in a week!

Reading: I have just finished reading ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ by Richard Osman and really enjoyed it, I have just started ‘Bright and Dangerous Objects’ by Anneliese Mackintosh which is good so far! I am reading lots of books on my iPad via the Libby app which I have connected to my local libraries so I get the pick of so many great books. I always said I would never read a digital book, so I was wrong about that.

Wanting: A minute to myself!

Looking: At seeds flying around the back garden like fairy dust, of course they are going to make me sneeze, but they are pretty when there are so many floating about.

Playing: With sticks! I have fallen in love with sketching with a stick, I pick one up from the woodland floor, check for bugs, bring it home and use it with a pot of ink to make marks and sketches.

Deciding: When to make Pumpkin Cream cheese muffins? Someday this week, maybe tomorrow….

Wishing: Everything was back to the old normal, I miss it.

Enjoying: The warm sunshine and blue sky of today.

Waiting: For ink to dry takes ages!

Liking: The Podcast ‘Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend’, my friend recommended it and it is hilarious, just what I need when I am walking around the neighbourhood.

Wondering: If people think I am mad as I walk the streets laughing to myself as I listen to a funny podcast!

Loving: All things Autumn.

Pondering: When to get new winter gloves, usually I am too late and there are none in the shops by the time I go to get some, my old ones are full of holes!

Considering: Making a new sketchbook/art journal.

Buying: Paper to make books, I just love it!

Watching: ‘Ghosts’ from the BBC on HBO Max, it is very funny.

Hoping: For a good weekend.

Marvelling: At the way the weather can be freezing cold one day and literally the next day is t shirt weather!

Cringing: At nothing, thankfully!

Needing: To go places, I want to catch the train and take my sketchbook somewhere. Maybe soon.

Questioning: Most things, I am a bit of a ‘questioner’. This is probably why I don’t really like ‘mystery’ books! I always find the unanswered questions!!

Smelling: The soil from re-potting a new plant.

Wearing: Comfy ‘not going to work today’ clothes, t shirt and wide leg jersey joggers.

Following: The dog through the woods on our morning walks, she likes to do all the sniffing and I get to wander behind her!

Noticing: I am chilly, need a cardi.

Knowing: Less and less, is how it feels!

Thinking: Which colour to add to my growing granny square crochet blanket next?

Admiring: The moon which I keep seeing in the morning in the distance, I love to see the moon in daytime skies.

Sorting: Winter clothes which I have just swapped for my summer clothes and sent some off to the charity shop.

Getting: On with cooking dinners for the days I work too late to cook when I get home. I like to have dinner all ready to heat up with no bother.

Bookmarking: Magazines as I never read the whole thing at once. I am currently reading ‘Flow’ and ‘The Gentlewoman’ and both have bookmarks! The library has a magazine digital access app and there are so many good ones I can hardly keep up! I love ‘Grazia’, ‘BBC Good Food’, UK ‘Vogue’ and Australian ‘Frankie’ to name a few.

Coveting: Furry lined Birkenstocks! However, the truth is they would be far too hot for me and my hot feet.

Disliking: That it is colder inside than out, I want to lift the roof off for an hour then put it back when the sun goes down.

Opening: Lots of spices to make my Dahl Makhani with.

Giggling: With joy as the new season of ‘Schitts Creek’ is on Netflix!

Feeling: Good!

Snacking: On a Chunky Fudge Salted Caramel Kit Kat, very nice!

Helping: My neighbours get their library books, I work at the library and deliver books to one of my elderly neighbours.

Hearing: An airplane flying over, I wonder where they are off to.

Happy Tuesday x

Here is a list for you!

Making :

Cooking :

Drinking :







































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  1. So good to read this. Such a long time since I wrote one of these (or any)posts.
    Drawing with sticks sounds intriguing. Make another sketch book – why not !

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