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Get Messy Art Journal. Season of Connections week six.

The last week of another fab season of Get Messy Art Journal rolls around and I have nearly filled my handmade journal, just a few pages to complete or finish.

This week I used lots of collage elements which I don’t usually use so that was good to try, I also got inspired by a page of splatters and I changed the cover of my journal from a giant sunflower to plain brown paper.  Much as I love the sunflower (and it will house a new sketchbook), it just was not sitting with the sketchbook I am creating inside it.

The beauty of making your own journal!


This is some of the pile of collage materials I gathered together.


As the page developed I organically began to incorporate the fold outs and the pages either side into the spread.




In the end I had covered four pages with various flaps! Now I want to start this process at the beginning of a sketchbook with a variety of paper and page sizes and incorporate each page to work with the next as I work through the book.



For this spread I splattered the page with ink as inspired by Ashley and the Get Messy blog.  Instead of joining them up I made flowers from them and added some colour with acrylic gouache.

For more information about the Get Messy community, click on the link.

Happy Thursday x



  1. Christina Cloud says

    These are really awesome pages! I especially love the photos of collage with foldout pages! Beautiful!

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