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Through The Lens Thursday 2. Colorful/Colourful

Mandala TTLT #2 Colorful It is not a colorful day today and it has not been a very colorful week!  Lots of cold and grey and a sprinkling of snow.

At the same time I am getting super into gorgeous and amazing mandalas – drawing them and learning about them.  I tried drawing one for the first time this week and it is lovely and colorful.  I had a really nice time drawing it and now I can’t stop!  A blog post on mandalas is coming up next week.  Huzzah!

In the meantime, here is my first go at a mandala and it is ‘Colorful’.

Through the Lens Thursday is a weekly project headed up by Greta of GFunkified and Alison of Writing Wishing.  We are taking and posting a photo a week using our DSLR camera on manual to improve and hopefully take some great photos.

For this project I am using my Canon Rebel XS which is now set to manual at all times!


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