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10 Tips for taking a photo a day, every day.

10 Tips for Photo a Day projects

I started to participate in  a ‘photo a day’ project back in September 2012,  I followed prompts from Fat Mum Slim and Hipstamatic and I used so many filters!  Good grief, enough with the filters!  But, I did it, I completed a month and then I carried on and I got into the habit of taking a photo a day.  I suppose I really ‘posted’ a photo a day, some days I take a ton of photos and some days it is only the one for my photo a day project.

I settled on the Fat Mum Slim prompts, but every so often I add in a month of other prompts if I find them appealing, so I will end up with two photos posted per day!  Here are a few 365 project originators to choose from.

Fat Mum Slim

Albums Co

Your Daily Snap

Click it Up a Notch

365 Grateful

Clickin Moms


And these are some weekly projects if that seems more reasonable.

Weekend Hashtag Project from Instagram

Through the Lens Thursday

Six Word Saturday This is a little project I am working on, so feel free to join in!

Here are 10 tips to keep you going and get that photo every day.

1. If you are following prompts, write them on a calendar or in a diary, anywhere you will look and remember the prompt first thing, so when you see a great photo during your day, snap it and post it!

2. Don’t put the pressure on, if you can’t make high photographic art everyday, who cares!  Snap a shot anyway, consider it practice.

3. Focus.  Focus on the prompt (and use a little artistic license if needed) and focus your camera, any shot is a good shot, except an out of focus one!

4. Edit.  Take a few photos, vary the angle or get close up, then edit the one you want to post and show to the world!

5. Use whichever camera you have or whichever follows the project you have chosen.  I know I won’t take a photo with my DSLR (my big girl camera) everyday, so I use my phone for my daily photo and my DSLR for Through The Lens Thursday (a weekly project) because the point of TTLT is to improve my skills on the DSLR camera set to manual.

6. If you want to follow a project, find one which you can realistically do, which is exactly why I take a daily with my phone with no pressure and use my big girl camera once a week for Through the Lens Thursday.  This way you can post to the same place as other participants and get feedback and support.

7. Start today!  Don’t worry about starting at the beginning of a month or a year, this is the beginning of your photo project – go!

8. Post somewhere like Instagram or on your blog, so that all of your photos are in one place.  Maybe you want to print them and make a lovely ‘photo a day’ album.

9. One of my important rules is take the photo and post on ‘the day’, don’t pull one in from last week/last month/last year.  This is a photo of today, not a photo you found today on your computer.  Maybe I take this a bit to seriously….

10. If you get stuck for ideas, take a new angle to get an interesting shot, close up, funky cropping or a different perspective. Look up, look down, it is amazing what is surrounding you and you may not notice.  Add an filter or two or some text, but add thoughtfully.

Photo a Day Tips I have found that taking a photo a day has made me more observant and I get to create something every day and share with other people doing the same thing.  Notice the obvious and take a snap!

I would love to see your Photo a Day/Week posts, so feel free to tell me where you share in the comments!

Happy Wednesday x



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  1. I would love to do a daily photo Clare, unfortunately I’m struggling to get out with the camera weekly at the moment. I love your six word Saturdays and through the lens though. Keep them coming 🙂

    • Hi Michelle, a weekly project is great, still comes around quickly, I always seem to be getting something ready to post on a Thursday!

  2. A great post, I am getting so frustrated with my fancy-pants camera! Will be sharing your post for the masses xx

    • I know what you mean about the camera issues, I have been using mine on manual for a year now and most of it still confuses me! I wouldn’t go back to auto though, so I am taking that as a good thing. Thanks for sharing x

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