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December Reflections and Weekly Photos 1/52.


December Reflections 29

December Reflections 30

December Reflections 31




It was the last few days of December Reflections last week and then a return to weekly photos, I have missed posting random snaps, so I am happy to be sharing them again.  End of December and the beginning of a brand new shiny year in one week.

29.  My Smile.

30.  Thank you for.. My friend has a great eye for vintage finds and she gave me this Polaroid Swinger camera case.

31.  My Word For 2015 is… Lambent which means ‘glowing softly from within’.  How cool is that, I want to glow softly throughout 2015.

Happy New Year!

Back to random weekly photos, we have been out on a few hikes this Christmas break, here are a few things I found while walking and traveling to the parks.

1. Storm shelter at Weldon Springs, MO

2. Lichen circle on a fallen tree at Babler State Park, MO

3. Barn on the way home from Babler State Park.

I hope you had a good week seeing in the new year and here’s looking forward to the week ahead!


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