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Five things about me in mugs and cups

This picture is inspired by the December Reflections prompt for today – ‘5 things about me’.  I suppose this is ‘five mugs about me’. I was grabbing a mug for my tea and wondering whether to grab my usual mug or go for the big tea mug. Big tea it was, then I saw my thrifted Pyrex mug which I like when I just want a small mug of tea and the slightly see through Pyrex reminds me of my Grandma who had mugs like this one. I began to wonder, does everyone have the mugs and cups they like for specific drinks and quantity of said drink?  Or am I just a little bit odd?  What do my mug choices tell you about  me? Anything?  What do your mug choices say about you? My coffee cup is just for coffee and I use it every day but I don’t even like it very much. It is a good size and keeps the coffee warm longer, although I am not mad about the crazy eyes! …

December Reflections and Weekly Photos 1/52.

  It was the last few days of December Reflections last week and then a return to weekly photos, I have missed posting random snaps, so I am happy to be sharing them again.  End of December and the beginning of a brand new shiny year in one week. 29.  My Smile. 30.  Thank you for.. My friend has a great eye for vintage finds and she gave me this Polaroid Swinger camera case. 31.  My Word For 2015 is… Lambent which means ‘glowing softly from within’.  How cool is that, I want to glow softly throughout 2015. Happy New Year! Back to random weekly photos, we have been out on a few hikes this Christmas break, here are a few things I found while walking and traveling to the parks. 1. Storm shelter at Weldon Springs, MO 2. Lichen circle on a fallen tree at Babler State Park, MO 3. Barn on the way home from Babler State Park. I hope you had a good week seeing in the new year and here’s looking …

Weekly Photos 52/52 December Reflections.

              22.  Fragrant – Home made lip balm. 23.  Sparkle. 24.  Gifts.  Advent calendar surprises. 25.  Today is… A lovely sunny day. 26.  Sweet.  My lovely boys on a hike in the woods. 27.  Silence.  Book time. 28.  Love is… Home made pizza for dinner. The last week of 2014!  Have you made any New Year Resolutions yet?  Do you stick to them?  I tend to make a big list then forget all about them! I am working on my ‘word’ for 2015, it seems to be the thing for next year, a word to live by.  No pressure then.  I had a word for 2014 but I can’t remember what it was.  See how good I am at this!!!  The December Reflections prompt for New Year’s Eve is ‘My word for 2015 is…’, so I had better get a wiggle on. Happy Monday x  

Weekly Photos 51/52. December Reflections.

              15.  My Favourite Camera.  My Construction Camera made by Polaroid, takes great photos! 16.  On the Table.  Treasures we have found on the porch table. 17. Triangles.  Temporary tattoos by Kal Barteski, I like them so much, I am sure I won’t use them! 18. 15 Years Ago. 19. Delicious.  Decorated cookie! 20. This Year Was…. An Instagram year, this was one of my most liked on Instagram, the heart shaped puddle. 21. Friendship.  Chatting to the Elk at the weekend. For the month of December I have been taking part in December Reflections from Susannah Conway and posting them in place of my usual weekly photos. The highlights of this week were finishing school on Friday and seeing some magnificent Elk up close at the weekend and enjoying coffee and panettone on our hike! Wishing you a wonderful week!

Weekly Photos 50/52. December Reflections.

              8.  Sunset.  Following a cloudy cloudy, we ended with this!  Not bad. 9.  Diagonals. 10.  Reflection. 11. Favourite Photo of 2014.  It is impossible to choose my favourite photo, but I have enjoyed using my Polaroid camera this year, it is a Construction Camera made by Polaroid and bright yellow! 12. White.  Pom pom Advent Calendar.  A snowball a day. 13. Comfort. 14. Stripes.  Our other Advent Calendar! All of these prompts are from December Reflections which I am doing as well as the usual photo a day challenge, lots of photo taking, just how I like it! Have a fantastic week x    

Weekly Photos 49/52. 2014. December Reflections.

              During December I am taking part in Susannah Conway’s ‘December Reflections‘ photo a day project, so I thought I would use them here as my weekly photos for the month. 1.  Drink. 2.  Lights. 3.  The Best Day of 2014. 4.  Red 5.  Leaves. 6. T is for.. (tenth birthday) 7. Best Book of 2014 (the diary I keep for the boys). It is not too late to join in and take a few photos to round off the year! Have a lovely week x