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Five things about me in mugs and cups


This picture is inspired by the December Reflections prompt for today – ‘5 things about me’.  I suppose this is ‘five mugs about me’.

I was grabbing a mug for my tea and wondering whether to grab my usual mug or go for the big tea mug. Big tea it was, then I saw my thrifted Pyrex mug which I like when I just want a small mug of tea and the slightly see through Pyrex reminds me of my Grandma who had mugs like this one.

I began to wonder, does everyone have the mugs and cups they like for specific drinks and quantity of said drink?  Or am I just a little bit odd?  What do my mug choices tell you about  me? Anything?  What do your mug choices say about you?

My coffee cup is just for coffee and I use it every day but I don’t even like it very much. It is a good size and keeps the coffee warm longer, although I am not mad about the crazy eyes!

I use the asian faces cup for water, usually when I am reading ‘Harry Potter’ to my 11 year old because he is a slave driver and makes me read and read and I love it, but need a water nearby for dry reading mouth! It is a tea cup I am sure and I may well pop in a jasmine tea bag one day, but for now it is for water.

The ‘Pusser’s rum’ is a tin mug I got from a flea market for 50c and I keep my lip balms and hand balms in it.

Do you have a favorite mug or cup or glass?  Or are you a cool hipster who drinks out of mason jars?  Or are you a free spirited sprite who grabs a vessel with abandon!?

Happy Tuesday x




  1. Yep, I have mugs for the time of day. I use my ‘best mum’ mug which my daughter bought from a Mother’s Day stall when she was little for my green tea at breakfast. I have a lovely large red mug for tea at lunch and then the Orla Kiely ones come out at dinner. I have just seen on my Christmas shopping journeys some mugs called ‘hug me mug’ which are the perfect shape for cupping in two hands. I think they would be great for a hot chocolate.

  2. dear god NO drinking out of mason jars! NO.
    well we all know about my MOFO tea time mug that’s definitely my funniest and the manboys fight over who will use it because they are naughty shits like that. i have 3 other favorite cups i like for the size and how it feels in my hand. i’m very specific when it comes to size and feel .

    • Ha ha ha, sometimes I drink water out of a random jar, but that will be my secret….
      Yes, size and feel are very important (oh er, saucy!), and thickness too (this is just getting worse and worse).

  3. I love mugs! We are total mug hoarders in our house. We have so many they are stacked two high and we can barely close the cupboard, but they are all have sentimental meaning, so how could we get rid of any? Haha. I don’t necessarily favour different mugs for different drinks, but I do always carefully select which mug I’m in the mood for. I’m favouring my Christmas mug at the moment, but at other times it might be the fox mug or the Sherlock mug. Mugs matter!

  4. This is such a cool post. I love all your mugs. I’m a bit of a mug lady myself – revealed recently when we got engaged and we got three different mug presents. Mug cupboard is pretty chocka! I choose a diff mug each morn depending on the mood/ speed of drinking required (I have one quite wide mug which cools the tea faster)/ size of tea required ect.

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