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Vintage negatives

We were out and about this weekend and went to an Estate sale to see if there were any treasures to find! I got a few old books to use for art journaling and a couple of book making tools.  My prize find was this old drawer full to the brim of old negatives.  I saw it and passed it by thinking ‘what am I going to do with them?  I can’t print them, what else can I do with them?’. Then I stopped at them again and began looking through them, some of the negatives are quite large, about postcard size, some are about two inches square and there are lots of 35mm negatives which I assume are the most recent ones. Some of the envelopes are marked 1956 and they seem to go to about the nineteen seventies. I found out that I can scan them and  then use photoshop to make them printable.  So I decided that yes, they would be worth buying so that I can scan and print onto paper …

Weekly Photos 53/52

We have never visited this park before and it looks like we might have to wait a while before we see it when it is dry.  It is both fascinating and macabre to see floods in action close up. Powder Valley park and trail was not under water, so we had a wander along the trails there. I liked the colours and movement of the creek bed here. On New Year’s Day we went to Rockwoods Reservation and walked ‘The trail through the trees’.  These icicles looked like lots of discarded plastic bags from a distance. Lots of rocky faces to be spotted in these rocks at Rockwoods Reservation. How on earth does ice form like this?  There were a few similar formations under a tree, no more ice or frost anywhere around.  It was paper thin, delicate and beautiful. End of the hike, end of the day. I hope you had a great start to 2016!  Happy New Year!

Through The Lens Thursday #53. Celebration.

Today is the last day of 2015 and the final ‘Through the Lens Thursday’ offering.  The prompt supplied as always by the lovely Greta at Gfunkified blog was ‘Celebration’. My celebration this morning was a coffee with a waffle treat on the top. Celebrating the fact that I managed to eventually fit in a coffee after Barre class, a trip to Target for boring stuff and half price Christmas sweets, REI to refund a present, Michaels for yarn and dye and Whole Foods for New Years Eve dinner ingredients. Now I get to mess about in my art journal and wish you all a very happy, healthy new year. Happy 2016!

Through The Lens Thursday #51. Alive.

This week’s prompt is ‘alive’.  This tree is alive and it has made it through the year ready to grace our living room again. We bought it last year at this time and it has lived outside happily ready to be decorated for Christmas for the second year. We used to have an artificial tree which over the years got scrappier and more sorry looking, then last year it ended up with water in it’s storage box and ended up rather moldy.  So that was the end of that.  The intention was to buy another artificial tree, but we ended up at a tree lot with living trees rather than poor old hacked down dying trees. We all liked this one, decided to call him ‘Fat Albert’ and brought him home. I took these two photos of our Christmas tree today at the same time using different settings on my camera in the spirit of ‘Through the Lens Thursday’ which is a weekly project to practice using our DSLR cameras on the manual setting.  I …

One+Four=Life. Weekly Photos 50/52

This week saw the annual elementary school ‘Winter Sing’ which comprises of each grade singing two songs to celebrate the holiday/Christmas/Winter season.  The kids all had a good time and they all sang songs no-one in the world has ever heard of with great gusto. It is so nice to see all the kids work together and help each other. I would just love to see them singing their little Jingle Bell hearts out, but alas no, we just get a collection of obscure and undefinable songs.  Is this an American thing?  Do your kids have recitals at Christmas?  Any songs you recognise? I recently signed up for the Get Messy art journaling lifetime of inspiration and prompts and journaling pals.  Art journaling is something I have always been intimidated by and I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not, turns out, I do!  I am still a little unsure and the blank page is often a scary monster, but once I dive in, I have a great time and get lots of …

Through the Lens Thursday #50. Packed.

Blimey, we are at week 50 already!  I found out today that this year has 53 weeks and not 52, I thought all years had 52 weeks, I thought it was the rule.  Apparently not.  There I was thinking we had two weeks left and as if by magic another one appears!  Hello week 53 and welcome to 2015. This week’s Through the Lens Thursday prompt is ‘Packed’.  Through the Lens Thursday is a year long weekly project hosted by Greta at GFunkified blog to improve our photography skills using our big girl cameras and not just the phone. I usually just snap away on the phone and I need to keep practicing my ‘proper’ camera skills. Today I made mince pies with homemade mincemeat which I made from this Jamie Oliver recipe.  I packed in the mincemeat for a nice generous filling. Now I am trying not to eat them all! I hope your Thursday is going well!

Five things about me in mugs and cups

This picture is inspired by the December Reflections prompt for today – ‘5 things about me’.  I suppose this is ‘five mugs about me’. I was grabbing a mug for my tea and wondering whether to grab my usual mug or go for the big tea mug. Big tea it was, then I saw my thrifted Pyrex mug which I like when I just want a small mug of tea and the slightly see through Pyrex reminds me of my Grandma who had mugs like this one. I began to wonder, does everyone have the mugs and cups they like for specific drinks and quantity of said drink?  Or am I just a little bit odd?  What do my mug choices tell you about  me? Anything?  What do your mug choices say about you? My coffee cup is just for coffee and I use it every day but I don’t even like it very much. It is a good size and keeps the coffee warm longer, although I am not mad about the crazy eyes! …

One+Four=Life. Weekly Photos 49/52.

Frosty mornings are upon us and last week was chock full of them.  By the afternoon it is usually milder though when the sun has been out all day.  I like the crunchy mornings with hats and gloves and a brisk walk to school. At the weekend we went to the Farmer’s Market at Schlafly Brewery and picked up some lovely mushrooms from Ozark Forest Mushroom farm. These are heading for a noodle soup. I also bought some dried serrano chili peppers from them which I will throw into soups and roasting veg. This photo just cracks me up!  My cousin sent it to my now 11 year old for his birthday, it is hilarious!  A balloon in the shape of a bull.  Ha! These cakes were for the birthday boy this weekend.  I used this feature from Frankie magazine as inspiration.  I used vanilla cake for the ‘bun’ and brownie for the ‘burger!  The ‘lettuce’ is green taffy rolled flat and the ‘ketchup’ is red icing. Simple and effective, just how I like things …

Through The Lens Thursday #49. View.

For this week’s prompt, I took a photo of my neighbor’s magnolia tree. I was hanging out the washing and noticed it budding against the blue and white sky and thought, that is a good ‘view’. I am not sure that it should be in bud in December but who am I to question nature’s ways? I messed about with the camera settings and ended up with a little bit of a washed out picture which I liked. Next week’s prompt is ‘packed’. Happy Thursday!