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Through The Lens Thursday #51. Alive.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Bokeh

This week’s prompt is ‘alive’.  This tree is alive and it has made it through the year ready to grace our living room again. We bought it last year at this time and it has lived outside happily ready to be decorated for Christmas for the second year.

We used to have an artificial tree which over the years got scrappier and more sorry looking, then last year it ended up with water in it’s storage box and ended up rather moldy.  So that was the end of that.  The intention was to buy another artificial tree, but we ended up at a tree lot with living trees rather than poor old hacked down dying trees. We all liked this one, decided to call him ‘Fat Albert’ and brought him home.

I took these two photos of our Christmas tree today at the same time using different settings on my camera in the spirit of ‘Through the Lens Thursday’ which is a weekly project to practice using our DSLR cameras on the manual setting.  I got lots of information from Click it Up a Notch which is a wonderful website full of tips and advice for the photographer.

Photo 1. ISO 8000 f2.2  1/125

Photo 2. ISO 8000 f2.2  1/640 I used manual focus to deliberately get the bokeh look by taking the photo out of focus.

Two more Through The Lens Thurdays to go, prompts are ‘stars’ and ‘celebration’.

Happy Thursday!


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