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Through The Lens Thursday 2014 Greatest Hits

For the complete, full and entire 52 weeks of 2014 I took a photo (or photos) and posted them every Thursday as part of a project called ‘Through The Lens Thursday’ which was thought up by Greta at GFunkified and Alison at Writing Wishing.  I started over at my old blog here and finished up here on Girl Fifteen which is where I will continue.

The point of the project was to get us using our DSLR cameras set to manual and on a regular basis, so that we would get some practice and share our masterpieces.  While I am by no means a master photographer,  I have certainly improved my knowledge of the numbers and dials on my camera.

The best thing about the project is that it is continuing through 2015!  It is a friendly and do-able project, no daily pressure (I do a daily photo challenge, but I know I would never manage if they all had to be taken on the DSLR) and some great, imaginative prompts which you can find here.  I still have lots to learn so I am pleased to have the push to continue taking regular photos with my ‘big girl camera’ which is currently a Canon Rebel XS.

So, even though it is a Tuesday, I have selected a few of my favourite photos from Through The Lens Thursday 2014.

TTLT Hands

 #9  Hands


 #24 Deep



#10 Hot

Go to the Head of the Class game pieces


#28 Eyes

Through the Lens #32 Love

 #32 Love

Green Tomatoes TTLT

 #34 Green

Through The Lens Thursday.  Tall.


#38 Tall

Through The Lens Thursday 39. Away.

 #39 Away

Sparkle TTLT

 #40 Sparkle


 #51 Loud

TTLT Flower

 #6 Flower

I think my top favourites from my favourites are Sparkle, Tall and Flower.

Are you starting or continuing with any challenges in the new year?  I am not starting anything new (yet), but I will be carrying on with Photo a Day and Through the Lens Thursday.

Tomorrow I will be posting my Photos for the month of December, see you then!


  1. I love that you committed yourself as wholeheartedly into this, a project close to my and Greta’s hearts. I skipped 7 consecutive weeks, so you did far better than me 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what you shoot in 2015!

    • I can’t wait to see what we come up with in 2015, I still have so much to learn about all of those dials!

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