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Weekly Photos 9/52







Looking at these photos, all of them have library connections!  I have had a library week.

1. A side alley and side building in Clayton, MO.  I took this on the way back from the library where I had just picked up some new books. I liked the ‘windows’ and the sunlight.

2. This book was heading back to the library but I liked the idea of the feather/leaf potato prints, so I took a photo of the page to refer to later.

3. On the way to my local library and I enjoyed this magnificent sunset.

4. This is why I was heading to the library, mug decorating craft night. All supplies were provided and the even was free, how cool is the library!

5. Later in the week I got a tour of the ‘below library’ storage area where there is this rather fab, if precarious spiral staircase. It used to go directly to the fire house which was once housed above the library.  I wouldn’t fancy navigating these stairs in full fire fighter gear.

6. In Clayton again at the weekend to collect more books from the library there.  I am a library brat you see, if my local library doesn’t have the book I need, I get it from the library in Clayton which is just up the road!

Do you have a good library?  I hope so, I don’t know what I would do without the library system.  I would definitely be reading, listening and watching less.

Happy Monday x



  1. How neat that all these great photos have library connections.I work at a great library and also have a good one even closer to home. Long live libraries!

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