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Get Messy Friday. Art Journal Pages.


This week has been a funny old week, I seem to have been busy busy but when I look back, I haven’t achieved very much.  I am already behind on March projects which is a great start!  Next week I will catch up.  Hopefully. Maybe.

The trouble is I keep finding new things to learn and do!  There are so many classes via Creative Bug or Skillshare, not to mention the endless classes provided by various blogs and websites.  I am skipping from one thing to another like a Spring bunny. There is an urban sketching class, a watercolor class, another watercolor class, a sketch-a-day class, a drawing on a photo in photoshop class, not to mention all the books I borrow from the library.  This bunny needs to focus!

In the midst of all of the skipping, I did finish some journal pages and started some too.  I tend to work on more than one page at a time because I will start one page and always come up with another idea and start another page too.




Our local library always has books for sale which are no longer in circulation, so I bought a very lovely book last week which is full of illustrations of vegetables and flowers.  Inspired by this week’s tutorial over at the Get Messy Art Journal website, I incorporated some flowers into this last page.  The background is watercolor paint and salt.

I listened to the Baz Luhrmann song ‘Everybody’s Free (to wear sunscreen)’ and pulled out a line (I think it is technically half a line!) which I liked.   I am sure I couldn’t solve an algebra equation with or without bubblegum! The lovely lady is from a 1940’s magazine and the background is black gesso, paint pen and paper tape measures.

The top spread has been in progress for a couple of weeks and I added some humming birds today.  It started with a layer of gesso and the magazine cutting.  I scraped doodles into the gesso and watercolored over it when it was dry and threw some salt onto the watercolor. You may have noticed my new obsession – salt!

If you want more information about the Get Messy community, pop over to the website – Get Messy Art Journal

Have a great weekend! Happy Friday x





  1. Haha..I’m glad it’s not just me flitting from one project to the next, so many wonderful projects to do! Your black & white page is awesome.

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