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Get Messy Art Journal Season of Freedom Beginnings

The new season in the art journaling community of Get Messy is the Season of Freedom.  What a perfect way to end the year and begin the next, the freedom to create and create what you want! Of course there will be prompts and tutorials to keep us all inspired and working in our art journals, but they will all be freeing (see what I did there!) and full of ideas. I have made my little journal using book rings which hold together a variety of vintage envelopes, recipe cards and plain postcards.  It is higgledy piggledy and that is how I like it. Some pages have been started and maybe finished, I will see where the season takes me. More information on Get Messy can be found here. Happy Friday x

Get Messy Season of Seasons week 7

This week I have embraced more collage in my Get Messy Season of Seasons journal and I have been messing about with spray paint, lace and doilies as I have been creating along with Caylee and Lauren in the Creative Bug daily practice classroom. I bought a pile of lacy doilies and vintage trimmings at an estate sale this weekend so I could wait to get printing and stenciling with them. Happy Thursday x  

Get Messy Season of Seasons week 3

  Week three of Get Messy Art Journal’s Season of Seasons is already here, we are almost half way through!  I feel like I have just started which I am interpreting as a good thing! These are my art journal pages from this week and I have included repeat patterns from Alicia’s tutorial and of course I had to do more gelli prints using leaves and stalks from my garden. I picked some Magnolia leaves which I printed with and drew and cut out for collage pieces.  I also snipped a couple of tomato plant stalks which gave me some very effective prints using the gelli plate and some Sennelier acrylic paint.   Prints from the garden into pages in my art journal.  I am enjoying using this old book for my journal and the addition of library cards in glassine envelopes.  I am considering these tomato plant prints on the old library cards a success! Happy creating and Happy Thursday x SaveSave

Get Messy Season of Story Week 5

For the Season of Story over at the Get Messy Art Journaling community, I made a journal which I love and I am super proud of and then I left it at home when I went on holiday to England for two weeks.  I left it because I didn’t want it to get squashed or damaged or worse, ignored.  All of these things would  most likely have happened to it, so I am pleased I didn’t take it. However, what also happened was that I didn’t do much of anything in the way of art journaling in my new journal for another couple of weeks afterwards.  It is a chunky little number and it needs to be filled! This week I saw a bird egg which I decided to paint in order to capture the colour of it, then I searched my old photos for suitable candidates for the season of story.  At the same time I pulled out some old National Geographic magazines which I had recently bought at an estate sale and I …

Get Messy season of play week 8.

The final two pages in my little altered book – a vintage Maytag washing machine manual- and it timed out perfectly for the last week of the season of play over at the Get Messy Art Journal community. This has turned out to be a season of few pages for me, but I did fill my book which I am pleased about.  I have also been very inspired by the new class also from Get Messy called Botanicals in Art Journaling . I just can’t stop adding leaves and flowers to my pages! I am always on the lookout for flowers to photograph on my phone so that I can use them as sketching inspiration in my journals and sketchbooks.  The top irises are from a sea of flowers I snapped near the gym I go to. Happy Thursday x

Art journaling, bookmaking and sketching.

I felt like I was neglecting my little art journal for the Season of Play at Get Messy this week. So one evening I picked it up along with some collage pieces I had chosen, cut out and left to one side. Rather than wait for inspiration to strike I decided to just go for it and make a page with these ladies, a constellation map and some butterflies with a few swipes of paint.                                                                                                                                                        I have also just signed up for Sketchbookery so I did a little sketching practice on this page too in the form of a flower …

Get Messy Season of Kindness Week 7.

I have been practicing my faces this week guided and encouraged by the talented Katie Smith from Studio Katie and Get Messy Art Journal in the run up to the new class called ‘Sketching Faces’ and hosted by Get Messy. The top ladies are painted in black ink using a sumi brush and using a template provided by Katie which I put under my paper as a guide.  I like to put my own style on my faces and I am learning so much from this class and getting more confident at faces which are not straight on, like profiles and turned to one side slightly. I used my new favorite paper for these sketches which is ‘Tomoe River’ paper, it is lightweight but still stands up to ink without warping too much. The middle faces are painted onto vintage ledger paper which has a nice rough texture and absorbs the ink giving an interesting look. The last girl has painted botanicals in her hair and I used a stencil with ink in a mister to get …

Get Messy – Season of Colour Week 4.

Lots of colour play this week, using a few colours and using lots.  I learnt that I don’t love using yellow! I painted on these vintage library catalogue cards using a very marvelous tutorial and idea from Julia via the Get Messy members blog. What to do with the cards now? I added two of them to a page I started in my Season of Colour journal (made from paper bags and atlas pages).  This page was a fighter, I almost painted ‘I hate this page’ all over it at one point (I am not even a little bit joking!). But I persevered and after a slice of orange in my corner, I jumped back into the ring and finished the page. I am so pleased that I didn’t scribble all over the page in a tantrum! Happy Thursday x

Get Messy Season of Contrast Week 6

The last week of the Season of Contrast has come around so quickly. There have been so many great ideas through the prompts and tutorials, I have not kept up, but that just means a wealth of ideas for me to try in future pages. I am new convert (as of a few hours ago) to paper weaving.  The effects are amazing and I am so new to it, most of what I have done so far (see above) came mainly as a surprise. The process for me is still evolving, but I am loving it so far.  I applied a little planning and then let the papers do the work. For the weaving I used magazine pages and images, a vintage dictionary page and a 1950’s accounts ledger book as well as a painted page from an old book. None of it has made it to my journal yet, the ledger will stay as it is and I may add to the page, but it could be finished now in my opinion. Thanks to …

Get Messy Season of Contrast Week 5

I set out this week to follow some ideas from the tutorials over at the Get Messy website as well as a prompt or two.  I even wrote down some ideas of things I could do in my sketchbooks. Lots of contrast was achieved I think and I almost managed to leave part of a page blank, but I ended up with some gold and a black gesso ‘hole’ on it instead. I had a go at contrasting patterns in my mini Moleskine and a page of black and a page of white with a little red flower. There are some contrasting colours on the last page which is in my ‘The Shape of Towns’ altered book and I decided to cut a circle out of one page to reveal the head of a statue on the previous page.  Of course once I had the head, I had to sketch in the rest of the statue onto my page. I wandered off from the prompts a little and even got distracted from the tutorial I …