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Get Messy Season of Contrast Week 5







I set out this week to follow some ideas from the tutorials over at the Get Messy website as well as a prompt or two.  I even wrote down some ideas of things I could do in my sketchbooks.

Lots of contrast was achieved I think and I almost managed to leave part of a page blank, but I ended up with some gold and a black gesso ‘hole’ on it instead.

I had a go at contrasting patterns in my mini Moleskine and a page of black and a page of white with a little red flower.

There are some contrasting colours on the last page which is in my ‘The Shape of Towns’ altered book and I decided to cut a circle out of one page to reveal the head of a statue on the previous page.  Of course once I had the head, I had to sketch in the rest of the statue onto my page.

I wandered off from the prompts a little and even got distracted from the tutorial I was supposed to be following, but my pages are all in the spirit of contrast and I learnt from the tutorials and prompts even though I strayed a little!

If you are interested in joining Get Messy Art Journal, pop over to the website here.

Happy Thursday x

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