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Get Messy Art Journal Pages. Season of Dreams. Week 1.

Processed with Snapseed.

Do you remember your dreams? Do you write them down? How about dreaming in colour?

I sometimes remember them but only very vaguely, unless I write them down (often at ridiculous times in the morning). When I write them down I tend to remember more as I write and end up with a garbled page or two of a dream. Then I go back to sleep and try and make sense of my sleep writing when I get up in the morning when more often than not, I have written more than I would have remembered had I not snatched up my notebook at 2am.

The Season of Dreams started this week in the Get Messy Art Journal community. Getting creative in my art journal was not an easy task, the blank page and the blank mind almost stopped me from making any pages at all.  So I decided to look at my dream notes and grab some paints as one of my dreams was full of colours which I had written down.

I usually start with colour especially when I am stuck, so I made a colour swatch page with a couple of sketches.

Processed with Snapseed.

To be honest, this didn’t help much even though I like the palette.  The only option was to open  up my sketchbook and jump in, I made a page which really had nothing to do with anything but it did get me going and I made a couple of more relevant pages which I really like.

The page at the top of this post is a very general page incorporating some words from my dreams this week and using the colour palette from the one dream. I liked using the colours and the magazine cuttings which I rarely use.  There is also a gelli plate print which I added more paint to.

Processed with Snapseed.

This second page was more dream specific and I used gelli prints here too as well as the colours in the background.

Have you ever looked in a dream dictionary?   Most of my dreams or things in my dreams I couldn’t find in the dictionaries I borrowed from the library, so not many insights for me!

The thing I like most is pulling colours right out of my dreams, I am looking forward to more colorful dreams!

Happy Friday and have a creative weekend x


  1. I got a bit stuck this week too. I kept forgetting my dreams and then the snippets I remembered I kind of wanted to forget. I love your pages and how you just tackled those blank pages and created.

    • I woke up and remembered my dream this morning, didn’t write it down and when I woke up properly all I could remember was there was pink lipstick. That’s all!!

  2. I love your swatch approach. Very clever. If I started writing my dreams down in the middle of the night I would be up for hours – insomniac alert. Dreams are tricky to record for me.

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