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Things I Collect…

I have ended up with a little collection of little toys. I never intended to collect toys, I haven’t consciously collected anything since I was a kid when I collected stamps and rocks and postcards among other things.


Nowadays I tend towards gathering rather than conscious ‘collecting’, I gather buttons to use in jewelry and some special ones are kept for just gazing at. I gather stamps off letters and parcels which are pretty or interesting. Unfortunately stamps are few and far between, but I do like to cut off a special edition stamp with a date franked on it, especially from a parcel which has a ton of stamps on it!

I have a few vintage postcards and am always on the lookout for more, but I wouldn’t call my little pile of cards a collection.

The toys I have do follow a theme in that they are all small, the biggest among them is a vintage wooden soldier I found at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History’s flea market last summer while we were on holiday over there. In fact I didn’t buy him, my eldest son did and presented him to me later, because he thought I should have bought it.  He was of course correct, and I am happy to be the little soldier’s owner.

20140319-130205.jpg Most of the toys in my collection are from yard sales, flea markets as well as a few new toys like the Lego figures and the cars.





20140319-131642.jpgI am not at all sure where the little yellow space guy came from, I suspect he was a yard sale score.

I am partial to a Lego mini-figure when I manage to get the one I want.  Yes, I do feel through the packet to get the one I am looking for!

The multicoloured powerball is from a 50c machine, most likely the one in our local ‘Old Navy’ store.

The teeth wind up and walk about all by themselves and crack me up!  They were won at a school picnic game last year.

Olive Oil was given to be by my brother about 20 years ago when I used to wear big boots and girly dresses and apparently I was quite the Olive Oil look a like.  Ahem.  Thanks.


This Powerpuff Girl was from a yard sale and I love her.  I love that determined face and her green dress and that she looks like she is flying away in triumph from any situation!

Do you collect anything?  Deliberately or are you an accidental gatherer of stuff like me?

I am linking this post up with Karen at Leaf and Petal who came up with the idea to post about a collection.  So pop over and see what everyone else collects, starting with Karen’s gorgeous vintage magazine collection.

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  1. I too seem to have hoarded little toys Ive found in charity shops and thought how cute they were. I went mad for lego minifigures at one point and had them lined up on my desk 🙂

  2. Love your collection Clare, love the teeth and the power puff girl, if that’s what she’s called?

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