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Weekly photos 11/52

This past week saw a couple of very nice sunny warm days which was a very nice peek at Spring.  The garlic is growing healthy green shoots and the bulbs are starting to come through.  The rest of the week was pretty chilly though.

Here are last week’s photos, starting with a funny doggy face!  He was barking to get me to throw his ball when I snapped this.

20140317-101259.jpgI took a few photos for a post I wrote earlier last week, but here is a photo I didn’t use which shows the vintage tray off.

20140317-102541.jpgIt poured with rain one night and in the morning everything was damp, but not soaked.  I spotted this solitary leaf with it’s load of raindrops so I got a picture.  When I went back later in the afternoon, it was still there, with just a few less drops, so I got an update!

I took this photo of the sun behind clouds behind the magnolia tree.  Then I mixed it in with a photo I had taken of some oranges.  Pretty cool!  I used the Diana photo app to blend the two photos.



20140317-102717.jpgThis last photo is of a bead mix I made for my partner in the 2014 Bead Soup Blog Party hosted by Lori at ‘Pretty Things’ blog.  I received my Bead Soup in the mail over the weekend, so I will be writing a dedicated post about what I am making and the beads I have been sent.  It will be a fun one!


Here’s looking at a new week.  How is yours going?  Very well I hope.

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