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Weekly Photos 15/52

It is getting hot here.  Mornings are still cool which is a wonderful thing.  The sky is blue and the seeds are growing.  I want to get some veggie plants, just deciding which ones to choose?  What do you grow?  Tomatoes? Peppers? Herbs? I think I will get all of those. 1. I had a little sit in the garden this week with a copy of Bella Grace magazine and a cup of tea.  While I was there I snapped the view! 2. These white flowers pop up every spring all over our garden.  Pretty. 3. The clay beads are ready to fire. I hope they make it! I deliberately made plenty in case some pop in the kiln. 4. I managed to get a rather cool photo of the moon through the telescope we borrowed from the library.  This was taken in the early evening when we could see the moon but it wasn’t yet dark. 5. We also spotted Mr Cardinal in the tree! Happy Monday!  Have a wonderful week x

Weekly Photos 10/52 2015

            1. A tree bud in the new snow. 2. My shadow in the snow mixed with a photo of trees using the Diana app. 3. ‘The Slot’ at Pickle Springs Natural Area, Missouri – a walk between rocks and in a temporary stream! 4. Cave detail with ice at Pickle Springs. 5. Hearts on a tree. 6. ‘The Double Arch’ rock formations at Pickle Springs. 7. This was my favourite rock formation of the day, he looks so serene, a sleepy rock. This weekend we went to explore a new hiking area called Pickle Springs and it has some great caves and rock formations.  It was pretty wet and sludgy, but that didn’t deter us! The snow has now melted here, and the temperatures are Springlike!  Hurrah!  I even spotted the crocuses popping out of the grass this afternoon. I hope you have a lovely week!

April photo a day 2014

April was a month of planting and digging and mowing it seems.  I started to read The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt which I am enjoying and will most likely finish sometime in June! We started to re-do the bathroom and found some cool old wallpaper and the original floor tiles.  Easter hopped by and welcomed Spring and all things new and growing.  I made hot cross buns and Simnel cake which is all long gone. Sunflowers seeds were planted on Earth Day and we are watching them peek through the soil and grow at breakneck speed. I started to run again after about a year of not really running, I am looking at a half marathon in October, so there is some incentive to keep pounding the pavement. April was also another month of Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day, so here are mine. 1. Something purple. 2. In my hand.  I made a little clutch bag in linen fabric with some machine embroidery on the front. 3. Shapes.  In the new rain barrel. 4. …

Six Word Saturday

  It has been a lovely day today, a perfect mow the grass and clear out the shed day!  We moved out the bazilion plastic plant pots.  The ones you keep because they will be useful one day and before you know it, you have a shed full.  So, we had a plant pot cull, swept out the cobwebs and put everything back.  All nice and tidy, for now. Are you having a Spring clean?  Planting lots of seeds?  What are you growing?  Got a Six Word Saturday?  Do share. Happy Easter and happy Spring!

Pom poms in the Springtime!

Yesterday I made a few pom poms with my new pom pom makers and I can’t believe how quick it is to make these little fluffy cuties with a proper ‘maker’!  I feel like a cheat, but I am sure I will get over that.  So. Darn. Quick.  Hurrah.  I am actually thinking that a pom pom rug might not take the rest of my life now! Anyway, less rugs, more Spring. I made some little Springtime critters and of course some carrots for them to eat. I started with a pile of pom poms all ready to sew together. Here’s how. To make the carrots, I made three poms in graduating sizes and them sewed them together.  I made a very loose pom pom with green wool and cut it unevenly and sewed it on the bigger end to make the carrot leaves.  I trimmed them a little to get a better carrot shape, but not much.  Now we need a bunny to eat the carrots. The bunny is two pom poms, one big, …

Weekly photos 15/52

Last week was filled to the brim with sunshine and flowering trees.  Out came the flip flops and the nail varnish.  The nail varnish on toes is my way of gently persuading my feet out into the open air.  It is a chilly, rainy day today, so they are safely tucked up in boots again. So let’s have a glimpse of that sunshine again along with the dog guarding the new shower base, Mr Y helping remove the bathroom floor and waiting outside Trader Joe’s.  The last photo is of some pretty wallpaper we found under the skirting board in the bathroom.  Makes we want wallpaper in all the rooms again, look at those teeny flowers, so lovely. I am linking up with Em at The Beetle Shack for her Weekly Stills Series. Happy Monday!  Have a fab week x

Weekly Photos 14/52

Last week really saw the trees starting to bloom and we had our first tornado warning trip to the basement.  Lots of rain, wind and hail and a tornado touched down about three miles from here, yikes! The garden is getting planted and we bought and build a composter which is totally encouraging everyone to eat veggies just so we can compost the peelings!     Here’s to a happy sunny week ahead!  Do you have a weekly photo round-up?  Share in the comments!  I am linking up with Em at The Beetle Shack for her Weekly Stills collection.

Weekly photos 11/52

This past week saw a couple of very nice sunny warm days which was a very nice peek at Spring.  The garlic is growing healthy green shoots and the bulbs are starting to come through.  The rest of the week was pretty chilly though. Here are last week’s photos, starting with a funny doggy face!  He was barking to get me to throw his ball when I snapped this. I took a few photos for a post I wrote earlier last week, but here is a photo I didn’t use which shows the vintage tray off. It poured with rain one night and in the morning everything was damp, but not soaked.  I spotted this solitary leaf with it’s load of raindrops so I got a picture.  When I went back later in the afternoon, it was still there, with just a few less drops, so I got an update! I took this photo of the sun behind clouds behind the magnolia tree.  Then I mixed it in with a photo I had taken of …

Planting out my Sweet Peas

The baby Sweet Pea plants have grown big enough to go and live in the big blue pot. I put the seeds in toilet rolls to get them started.  The rolls disintegrate in the soil as the plants grow. I grabbed the green bamboo poles from the shed.  Ready to build the Sweet Pea climbing frame. Sweet Pea’s eye view of the bamboo wigwam. I got a bit carried away with these pictures, I think they look pretty cool! I tied the top of the wigwam with string, to make a nice climbing shape and to ensure no-one pokes out their eyes on bamboo poles. Sweet Peas are one of my favourite flowers, but I have not got many flowers off previous attempts to grow them. I hope this year will be different and I will get an abundance of sweet smelling flowers!  I have more seedlings growing, so they will move into the big blue pot in a few days too. What do you like to grow?  Any Sweet Pea growing tips for  the …