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Onwards and Upwards. I am shutting down my small business and I am happy about it.

Jewels and dice

Last month I made the decision to shut down my small business, CatsEatDogs jewelry.

It wasn’t with a heavy heart or a sense of failing that I came to this decision, more the opposite. Once I started to close everything down I felt more and more that I was doing the right thing.

There was no ceremonials, no ‘closing down’ sale, just me edging everything over the side of the ‘I’m have made a decision to move on’ waterfall.  I love that waterfall, it is dramatic and gorgeous and exhilarating, especially when you are at the top looking out over it taking big breaths.

I closed down my jewelry business because it wasn’t.  It wasn’t a business, I have no clue how to conduct a business, small or otherwise.  I bought beads, arranged them into something I thought was lovely and tried (quite badly) to sell the finished product.

I wondered if once I made the decision that I would start to regret it.  I would have to close my Etsy store, tell everyone I was no longer selling jewels and move on.

I closed my Etsy shop with some relief actually, no more terrible photos to take and post.  I don’t think I ever got a decent photo on that Etsy shop. Funny isn’t it, that when you absolutely need something to be good, it is a struggle whereas the rest of the time it is almost natural and something I love to do.

No more awkward booths at markets where I stand and attempt to be that selling/outgoing person I am not!

I am still going to be making jewels and lots of other things, because I always have and it is what I love.  There will be no pile of beads and supplies in my trash any time soon.  I will be using them to continue make jewels, for projects to share and of course lovely gifts. I am hoping to make tutorials in the form of photo step by steps and video in the future, here on my lovely blog.  Something else to learn about right there.

If there is anything you fancy making and think I can help, let me know.

There is going to be lots more making and experimenting and practising going on, I am terrible for doing something once then moving onto the next thing, I need to keep up with the learning and improving.

In my near future, I see pen drawing and mandalas and lip balm and solid perfume and scarves (I have seen the most gorgeous fabric…) and cooking and baking and stationary and letter writing and sketching and painting and jewelry and thrifting and treasure hunting and photography and polaroids and film and getting outside and lots of exploring.

This will all be mixed with a generous helping of blogging and hopefully teaching via this blog and in real life!

I am a maker and a Mum and I have ideas sprouting out the top of my head like a blender with the lid off, luckily I have a notebook and pen to catch them all.

I hope you are having the most wonderful week wherever you are and whatever you are doing.


  1. Clare, you have to do what is right for you and I totally know how you feel. It can take the fun out of it when you have expectations. I think that is why I like blogging. Most of what I do there is just for the fun of it and as far as self promotion, I can only take so much of it. For what it is worth I think there should be a successful CatsEatDogs Etsy shop and I think your jewelry photos are awesome. I honestly don’t know what the secret is for successful selling on Etsy but it doesn’t seem to have much to do with product and presentation. I think your idea for tutorials is fantastic! I have been thinking of doing more crochet patterns myself. I have one and it generates lots of traffic.

  2. Clare, Happy for you! Life moves & changes.. its a smart mon that moves along too. Enjoy new adventures & know u csn always return to beads

  3. You go Clare! I am on the edge of that same waterfall. Like you I will always be a ‘maker’ but I am most definitely not a business woman. It sounds to me like your decision has already lightened your head and your heart – more room now for creativity to flow xx

    • Keep your feet steady Priscilla and watch the unnecessary cascade over! I really do feel better for stopping doing what I felt like I should be doing.

  4. I think there are going to be beautiful and amazing things coming from you now you’ve made space for them, I’m so glad that your creativity has an outlet here and I get to see and read about it!

    • I am sure the main reason I have come to the conclusion and happy reality I have is because of the blog and the whole community.

  5. Oh my lovely bloggy friend… this just makes me want to hug you so bad. I know that if we ever meet it will ideas and craziness bursting out of 2 heads! idea explosions! You are so lovely…. I am awed by the balance and the capacity for growth that you have shown consistently since i first saw your stuff ….I do not comment much..i try to drop and run and not get sucked into social media vortex..time management is not my strength! You are so clever and have a fan here..of whatever you do xxx best wishes !

    • Shani, you fabulous girl, I wish we could meet up. You never know, one day we shall. I am also an observer and absorber rather than a commenter, we take it all in. xxx

  6. That is wonderful news Clare. I still adore watching your creative works on insta. Your mandala’s are quite the thing of beauty. xxx

    • Thanks so much Pips, I adore making mandalas. Isn’t it funny how you come across things and come to love them.

  7. What a gorgeous post. You sound so brimming with creativity. I’m so pleased that ending the business didn’t feel like an end at all, but rather a beginning. Thos are the best decisions of all. x

  8. Isn’t it cool when your instincts are followed by feeling good about a change in direction? I am so happy that you are happy with your new focus. I can’t wait to see your tutes! I am only sad that I didn’t take the opportunity to purchase a Clare original before your etsy shop was gone. I’m glad you have only ended the shop and not ended your creativity. And I am desperately curious to see that scarf fabric! 🙂 Exciting makings ahead Clare!

    • Ohhh, the fabric is linen gauze and look lovely, a nice light spring/summer scarf. I am still going to trade jewels, so never say never! Giveways too…

  9. Awwwww yeah! There is a certain strength and self-knowledge that has to be in place in order to make a decision like this. Man, though. Isn’t it hard as a creative person to give something up and start something new? And exciting? I’m excited about your new direction!

    • Hi Jeanette, I am still browsing the map and guidebooks to see where I want to go next! All good though x

  10. Aaahh Clare. We have so much in common. I’ve been considering exactly the same thing. I’m actually shutting down my real life ‘bricks and mortar’ shop as we speak. And contemplating my future. I love your positive attitude towards it all. Onwards and upwards for you young lady. I see bright things for you. Gaah I wish we could meet up to collaborate. All those creative ideas in the one place. Could be dangerous!

    • We need a portal so that we can pop all over the globe to meet up! I am pretty sure we can collaborate at some point and I look forward to it.
      Good luck with shutting your physical shop, your online shop is going to do so well x

  11. Fiona Curtis says

    I am looking forward to a future life of making things or painting just for shear enjoyment. No commissions or customer demands. I hope you enjoy your new way of life. I started quilting a couple of years ago and hope to develop my skills into landscapes. I often smile and think of our old teacher Mrs George. I used to love my time in her class even if she was scary at times.

    • Ha! Mrs George was one of a kind and yet my favourite class! I have a friend who quilts too and the results are stunning. Landscape quilting sounds very impressive. x

  12. I love the idea of the moving on ‘waterfall’ Clare! I wound my business up a few years back and really just make for fun now. I totally get your relief at not having to do markets and take product shots!! May the waterfall of creativity flow for you in different ways xx

  13. Wow, that will be a big change, but it sounds like it will be a great opportunity to continue to explore and develop and work with your creativity and talent. The adventure continues, your blog will be a wonderful platform to share that with us!

  14. Clare it all sounds so exciting. Well done you for giving away what you thought you should be doing to make way for what you want to be doing. I’m glad I’ve met you in blogland and look forward to seeing what comes next for you and like someone else said, just a little bit sad I didn’t get around to ordering one of your lovely necklaces. Happy making, sketching and phototaking. Emily x

    • Hi Emily, I will still be making jewels, so no problems there! I am so pleased we all ‘met’ I hope one day I will make it over to Problogger to meet as many Pipsters as I can squeeze in! Better get saving…..

  15. Wow Clare. I love your jewellery. I love all the things you make. What a fabulous new journey you will be undertaking. I can’t wait to see what happens next. PS-don’t ever stop taking your gorgeous photos.

    • I will still be making jewels and taking photos Michelle, no worries there! Maybe Quinoa needs a meaningful pendant to help her on her journey.

  16. somehow i missed this posting. i am sad-happy for you.
    you are very talented and making art is what makers do. let the wind blow you to what ever creative whim excites you!
    yeah art!!!

    • Hi Tracie, I am feeling so good and not under pressure anymore. I am managing to concentrate on the things I have always wanted to do but had no time, like drawing and lettering and making smelly balms!

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