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Through The Lens Thursday #7 Candy

TTLT 7 Candy


Rhubarb and Custard boiled sweets from the UK are the feature of my Through The Lens Thursday offering this week for the ‘Candy’ prompt.

I remember buying sweets in bags from the local newsagent in the village where I grew up.  A quarter pound of sweets was a wonderful treat.  I was never a fan of boiled sweets to be honest, I liked jellies and dazzle drops best.

What sweets did you love when you were a kid? Can you still get them?

Next week’s prompt is ‘Twisted’, should be a good one.



  1. I don’t know what boiled sweets are, but they look delicious! I always loved meltaways, and just got some from the mall a few weeks ago. YUM. (To be fair, I don’t discriminate on candy)

    • Boiled sweets are hard candy Greta (I think that is what they would be called here in the US). I agree though, candy is candy!

  2. My favorite kind? Not sure, I’m pretty much an all around candy is candy person. Although chocolate and sour gummy candies are probably tied for first. Lovely shot!

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