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Through the Lens Thursday and Ten on the 10th April 2014

A lovely sunny day for Ten on the 10th this month, so I thought I would snap a few pictures of the wonderful tree blossoms which are only around for a week or two before the leaves pop through and the trees are green.

I do love the flowers, but they make me sneeze, not really bad allergies, just enough to be inconvenient!

Looking back on April 2013 Ten on the 10th, Spring is a little behind this year, but as long as we get a Spring and Summer doesn’t come too early to heat us all up, I am not complaining.

I have taken the photos on the Canon and my iPhone.












Lots and lots of tree blossom!

My Through the Lens Thursday offering.  The prompt today was ‘Books’, so I took a photo of my cook books.  I had to use the tripod to get this as the books are in a dim corner.

The last photos are taken on my phone.  I saw this sign in the road, so of course I had to get a pic.

My neighbour’s Magnolia tree is in full bloom and smells wonderful, air freshner for the outside!

I hope you had a sunny and fab day.   I really like the little snapshot each month I get from just taking ten photos on the 10th day.  Fancy doing Ten on the 10th or Through the Lens Thursday? Jump on in!


  1. They are all great. I enjoy your photos and our flowering tree have to catch up to yours!

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