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New necklaces at CatsEatDogs

20140411-161348.jpgI have been busy making new jewelry this week, once I started making these necklaces which can be worn short or long, I couldn’t stop!  I still have lots of ideas for more.  They are so easy to wear and go with almost everything.





I have listed the necklaces in the pictures in my Etsy shop and each photo is a link to the item if you fancy popping over and visiting my shop.

These necklaces like to be worn alone or together at different lengths, the knots slide to adjust the length.

I have used acrylic faceted beads which are lightweight with just the right amount of sparkle and lots of wooden beads including some lovely vintage wood (the last photo).  I think the vintage is my favourite!

What are you wearing this summer?  I love to pile on the bracelets and necklaces but not together, usually a pile of necklaces or an arm of bracelets!

Happy weekend.


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