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Weekly Photos 11/52

Spring sprang yesterday officially and we woke up to snow on the ground!  After a week of sunshine and mild temperatures, I pulled out my boots again. 1. I have been trying to keep up with a sketch a day project over at Skillshare, but I seem to be leaving it for a week at a time then doing all the drawings/paintings in one day to catch up.  March doesn’t seem to be the month for a daily challenge. 2. I have been obsessing about the flowers in my garden lately, it is so lovely to see them, I can’t helping recording them.  Here I sketched some magnolia flowers with my pencil crayons in a kraft paper sketchbook. 3 & 4. The light was creeping in slowly the morning I took these two photos. 5. The star magnolia is all abloom! I hope you had a good week.  Happy Monday x  

Weekly Photos 10/52

1. The star magnolia is starting to bloom. 2. We got a new dog and her name is Ruby!  She is a rescue and a cutie. 3. I made an Easter card using watercolours, a white Gelly Roll pen and a blue Micron pen. 4. My neighbor has a beautiful magnolia tree which is blooming and looking amazing. 5. I bought the new Bella Grace this week, it is a magazine extravagance but I really enjoy it. 6. I managed to snap the magnolia last night with the night-time clouds in the background. Everything is starting to bloom now, just starting, the daffodils are peeking out and some trees are in bloom and some are just budding.  My neighbor’s magnolia smells just gorgeous, especially on a rainy evening. I hope you had a lovely week and are about to have an even better one! Happy Monday x  

Weekly Photos 7/52

It has been a week of weather and appointments.  The kids were off on Monday for President’s Day, then one had a sick day on Tuesday. I had an ultrasound appointment on Wednesday which is always nerve wracking, but it went fine and all clear.  Then on Thursday the youngest had his yearly check up at the pediatricians. Phew! By Friday we were happy to have the school field trip to the Missouri Botanical Gardens to look forward to.  It was a glorious day, warm and sunny and the gardens were a-buzz with staff working on the flower beds and general maintenance. Of course the outdoor plants are not blooming yet, but we had the privilege of seeing the orchid show which was stunning.  After that, we had a tour with a lovely guide around the indoor climatron.  The kids were great and we had a super time! The weekend was a boiler (for February) as temperatures leapt up to 78 degrees.  T shirts were out! Photos – 1. I worked on my art journal …

Weekly Photos 5/52

I feel like I have done nothing so far this week except walk to the shops and the dentist.  Oh wait, that’s because that is pretty  much what I have done!  Why is there always something you need for dinner which the cupboard does not contain, off to ‘Trader Joes’ I go. I went to the dentist this morning in the whirling snow to get a crown put on, well the temporary, I have another appointment to put the real thing on, yay. It has been swirling snow all day but none of it has stayed on the ground. This first photo is a lovely sunset earlier this week which I snapped while we were out metal detecting.  No treasure this week I am afraid.  Still looking for the chest! Over the weekend the skateboards were pulled out and my youngest was zipping about on his wheels, I spotted this circle of lichen on a tree.  Pretty cool. Shadows at the end of the day in hazy sun are the best. Yesterday’s Tinkersketch was ‘repetition’ …

Weekly Photos 8/52 2015

1. It has been a freezing cold week.  All furry scarves are being deployed! 2. I drew my first postcard this week and mailed it off to the UK. 3. Our vintage globe. 4. Resting toy soldiers. 5. Detail from a building in the Japanese Garden, part of the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  It was freezing! 6. One of the sheep (Moutons sculpture) at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. 7. Canada Geese take a break on the lake at the Gardens. 8. Waterfalls seem more dramatic when it is super chilly out! 9. Cactus close up in the greenhouse. 10. Ices Plain and Fancy where they make ice cream with liquid nitrogen as you order.  So cool (ha, see what I did there!).  I had the coffee soft serve and it was fab. A few more photos this week, some taken with my Canon Rebel and some on my iPhone 6. The sun is out today which is a wonderful thing although it is still below freezing.  I am going to plant some chili pepper seeds to …

Through the Lens Thursday #8 Twisted

        This week has been freezing cold and snowy, so I ran out to find something twisty in the back garden.  The wintery branches and vines were ideal.  My neighbour’s garage is blue which made a great background. I have a new lens on my Canon Rebel xs 1000D,  (Canon 50mm f/1.4 fixed) which gives a lovely depth of field and I am super happy with it.  It is a whole new learning curve for me as I get used to the different perspective through the lens and I learn to focus in the correct place for the photograph I want. I did learn that I do better with this lens when I am using manual focus instead of auto focus.  Always learning, always photographing. I found this post at A Beautiful Mess very helpful in learning about which lens to choose. Read all about Through The Lens Thursday here. Happy Thursday, I hope it is warm with you!    

Through The Lens Thursday #3. Delicious.

  This week’s Through the Lens Thursday prompt was ‘Delicious’, so I grabbed the packs of crispy M&Ms from my babe’s hands, sprinkled them artfully into a vintage candy bowl and took a snap or two. Delicious.  I am not sure if they really are because once I had photo’ed them, I carefully put them back into the bags and returned them to their hungry owners!  Heck, it’s chocolate, of course they are delicious. Next week – ‘Sign’.