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Weekly Photos 11/52






Spring sprang yesterday officially and we woke up to snow on the ground!  After a week of sunshine and mild temperatures, I pulled out my boots again.

1. I have been trying to keep up with a sketch a day project over at Skillshare, but I seem to be leaving it for a week at a time then doing all the drawings/paintings in one day to catch up.  March doesn’t seem to be the month for a daily challenge.

2. I have been obsessing about the flowers in my garden lately, it is so lovely to see them, I can’t helping recording them.  Here I sketched some magnolia flowers with my pencil crayons in a kraft paper sketchbook.

3 & 4. The light was creeping in slowly the morning I took these two photos.

5. The star magnolia is all abloom!

I hope you had a good week.  Happy Monday x



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