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Running. Shall I, shan’t I?


I used to run a lot and I managed a few half marathons and some 5 and 10k runs too.  Then I stopped, I didn’t stop exercising, just the running part.

I haven’t run properly for over a year now and my friends asked if I wanted to start training with them for a half marathon in October.

Where to start as a ‘previous runner’? Will my legs remember? Will I need a sit down after a few steps?  Do I need a couch to 5k type plan to re-start or can I leap into a half training plan which usually assume you can manage 3 miles? I thought I might cope with the couch part of the couch to 5k plan as a starting point…

Then there is the consideration of how my year older body will cope, will bits stop working?  I have complaining hips and I don’t want to upset them too much, I mean they do hold me up in day to day life. Will anything fall off or come loose?  If it does, will I be able to fasten it back or tighten it up again?

So this morning I decided to take all pressure off and go for a little run, no distance or time goals, just a jaunt up and down the trail.  I grabbed my vintage iPod along with it’s vintage playlists (if I plug it into my computer the lot will disappear because my music is in the Cloud and heaven knows where my playlists are…oh for the heady days of mix tapes and the Walkman) and headed out for my maiden voyage just to see how far I could manage without dying or falling or sitting down on the pavement for a nap.

I made myself go slow, in fact I think dog walkers were over taking me, just so that I didn’t crap out after ten steps and give up my half marathon hopes there and then.

No land speed records were broken today, but I did manage a mile or three and I enjoyed it as I trotted along singing in my head to  Jessie J,  Rhianna, Simon & Garfunkel and The Beautiful South among others.  I admired the trees blooming all along the trail and exchanged hellos with the aforementioned dog walkers.

So I decided to join in with my gazelle like friends and sign up for the half marathon. Maybe I can persuade one of them to run ahead of me with a cake on a fishing rod so that I can chase that for 13 miles!

Happy Wednesday x

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I live in St Louis, MO, but I am originally from Lincoln, Great Britain. My family and I have lived in the Mid West for over 15 years now. My blog is where I blog and chat about all kinds of creative stuff.


  1. GO YOU!!!!
    I ran on and off for years.
    Every time I’d take it back up I would just get my groove back enough to think about maybe doing a marathon. Then I’d hurt something bad enough to lay me up long enough to have to start at square one again. Round and round.
    It’s been about 5 yrs since my last run. I tore my knee the last time. As I rounded the corner I knew that run would be my last. I’m a walker and hiker for the rest of my days but my heart will occasionally pang when I see a graceful runner.

    • Walking and hiking is a good choice! Especially somewhere nice. My problem is that I get bored, I am like a toddler! My hips are complaining today, but a spot of yoga then pilates should help with that.

  2. Well done, you! I am not a runner – too thumpy thumpy, huffy puffy for me! I stick to long walks and yoga. My man is a runner and has a couple of marathons under his belt. Takes a lot of training!

  3. Good job! I tried to get back to running 5km and felt SO good…for two runs and now carrying an 8 week ankle injury. Too bloody old and unfit! But the feeling when I was running was strangely addictive-had never felt that before. Keen to get back to it. Good luck with the half-that IS commitment!

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