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Weekly Photos 2017. 42/52.

1. I had a great time this week painting some background papers for future use! 2. Chrysanthemums in the park. 3. The kids craft at the library this month was making masks and here is a selection of the mask making bits and bobs. 4. A trip to Elephant Rocks state parks this weekend under blue skies. 5. The ruins of the engine shed at Elephant Rocks. 6. The top of one of the ‘elephants’. 7. Two rocks. 8.& 9. The pool at Elephant Rocks with the trees just starting to turn into Autumn colours. Happy Monday x

Weekly Photos 2017. 39/52

1. One of the first pages in my new art journal. Just the beginning, or is it done?  We shall see if I add any more to it.  I think I will. 2. I found a fabulous black acorn in the woods, there are hundreds of acorns on the woodland floor but only this black one. 3. Teeny tiny white mushrooms growing precariously on a thin twig. 4. A dead tree against a white wall, I like the shapes! 5. We went digging in the woods this weekend and found a couple of marbles (hurrah!) and half a bowl. Happy Monday x SaveSave

Weekly Photos 2017. 36/52

  1-5. Japanese Festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. 6. Seasonal ‘Count Orlok’ pumpkin beer at Urban Chestnut on the way home. 7&8. Making some pages with vintage National Geographic images and some ‘moons’ I have been experimenting with. I try and mess about with some form of art every day, keeps me on an even keel!Do you have something you have to do on a regular basis or you miss it? Happy Monday x