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Weekly Photos 8/52 2015




Toy Soldiers

Missouri Botanical Gardens

Moutons MoBot

Geese on Ice Missouri Botanical Gardens

Missouri Botanical Gardens

Cactus Missouri Botanical Gardens

Ices Plain & Fancy St Louis

1. It has been a freezing cold week.  All furry scarves are being deployed!

2. I drew my first postcard this week and mailed it off to the UK.

3. Our vintage globe.

4. Resting toy soldiers.

5. Detail from a building in the Japanese Garden, part of the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  It was freezing!

6. One of the sheep (Moutons sculpture) at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

7. Canada Geese take a break on the lake at the Gardens.

8. Waterfalls seem more dramatic when it is super chilly out!

9. Cactus close up in the greenhouse.

10. Ices Plain and Fancy where they make ice cream with liquid nitrogen as you order.  So cool (ha, see what I did there!).  I had the coffee soft serve and it was fab.

A few more photos this week, some taken with my Canon Rebel and some on my iPhone 6.

The sun is out today which is a wonderful thing although it is still below freezing.  I am going to plant some chili pepper seeds to start inside, so that must be a sign that Spring is coming.

Happy Monday x



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