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‘I Like’ Friday. My Art Journal – ‘Get Messy’ Season of lists.


Superpowers I would like to have…

For this week’s ‘I like’ Friday I have been working on some art journal pages using the themes and prompts from the Get Messy Season of Lists.

It turned out to be a classic example of nothing going to plan.

I was planning to use the same colours in each page and make all five pages work together. First flaw was that I only made three pages (and I really don’t like one of them very much).

Once I got my colours out, I did three base pages using the diagonal ‘stripes’ in the corners using different ephemera and still planning to stick to my grey/pink/green/brick red colour scheme.  I ended up using navy instead of red because it was being used on the eye shaped stencil and I really really didn’t want red eyes (not on this spread anyway, maybe on a page which needs creepy red eyes…).

As it turned out I didn’t use the colours anywhere else on the pages, so the colour scheme plan went out of the window right behind the brick red.

Funny how things turn out isn’t it?!


I want to go…


When I grow up…

About the only consistent thing apart from the corners is the splashes of neon which I didn’t even include in my original colours!

Once again the Get Messy community pulls pages out of me I didn’t know were there!  I can honestly say that I didn’t see any of these three pages coming until they were done.

I still look at them and thing ‘well, that is not what I was planning!’.

I suppose sometimes planning is not always a good thing, unless you are prepared to plan and then be unplanned at a moments notice which is what happened here.

Happy Friday and happy creating.


  1. Yes, the places you can end up when you are creating is truly amazing! Talk about adventure. That Neon really works!!

  2. RebeccaHJ says

    Art journaling – always an adventure! I love the pink, grey and neon yellow page. It is so beautiful the way the words flow into rain or tears or petals or all of it…a pause even? Dreamy and provocative! xx

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