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Weekly Photos 15/52






It is getting hot here.  Mornings are still cool which is a wonderful thing.  The sky is blue and the seeds are growing.  I want to get some veggie plants, just deciding which ones to choose?  What do you grow?  Tomatoes? Peppers? Herbs? I think I will get all of those.

1. I had a little sit in the garden this week with a copy of Bella Grace magazine and a cup of tea.  While I was there I snapped the view!

2. These white flowers pop up every spring all over our garden.  Pretty.

3. The clay beads are ready to fire. I hope they make it! I deliberately made plenty in case some pop in the kiln.

4. I managed to get a rather cool photo of the moon through the telescope we borrowed from the library.  This was taken in the early evening when we could see the moon but it wasn’t yet dark.

5. We also spotted Mr Cardinal in the tree!

Happy Monday!  Have a wonderful week x


  1. Ooh what are you planning for your raised beds!
    I’ve just managed to find Bella Grace here in the UK, gorgeous magazine.

    • I am pleased you have discovered Bella Grace! Not sure about the raised beds this year, they are usually full of baby plants by now, but we have a new dog and she is a major digger. I think I might be concentrating on pots in the front garden this year, out of her way!

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