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Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal 2014

Remember I wrote about the Bead Soup Blog Party a while back?  Well, I mixed up my soup, added a few ingredients and off I went to create some jewels!

This is the second year I have taken part in the ‘Pretty Things’ Bead Soup Blog Party and it is always so much fun. From the initial partnering up to the excitement of receiving my bead soup in the mail, to the making of the final pieces.  Here is what I made last year, I have to say I am still a little in love with that butterfly ring.

I knew I wanted to make a ring this year and I also wanted to use linen thread in the main piece.  One of the coconut buttons begged me to be a ring and who was I to argue?   The salmon hue of the linen complements the heart focal perfectly I think.

Thanks to Cassi of Beads: Rolling Downhill blog for my lovely Soup, I can’t wait to go and see what she did with the beads I sent to her.  Click on the link to pop over and take a look.







I made the lovely button ring, simple, but such a pretty button, what else does it need?

The earrings are one of my favourite designs, dramatic with out the weight.  Summery casual or evening beauty.

Just look at that clever little heart, it is gorgeous and reversible.  Yellow mood?  Blue mood?  You decide!  This is a long long necklace at thirty inches and I a super happy with how it turned out.

Thanks again to Cassi for the beads and the ever wonderful Lori of Pretty Things blog for organizing the whole darn thing, a brilliant job as usual.

Want to see more?  I do.  Let’s go and see what everyone made – here is the link.

Have fun!



  1. Great designs. I just love the long necklace. I use a lot of waxed linen but for some reason feel compelled to cover it rather then letting it stand as a design feature.

  2. I really like that necklace with the heart focal. It looks very “summery” and versatile enough that you could wear it with casual clothes, business attire or even to go out at night. Nice!

  3. You did a lovely job with your soup, Clare. The waxed linen goes perfectly with the beads for the earrings and necklace. I like the little ring as well 🙂 Christie

  4. That soup of yours just captures your eyes with all of its colors! I especially love the focal and how you paired that with the waxed linen. I’ve not worked with waxed linen before but I can’t wait to try it out 🙂

    I also agree those earrings are definitely show stoppers without being drag-your-ear-down dramatic. I’m sure a lot of people would enjoy wearing them!

    Fantastic job 🙂

  5. The button ring is crazy good! Then you used the button as a clasp for the beautiful necklace. Love your creativity and designs!

  6. christa murphy says

    I love your whimsical creations. They all scream summer fun to me. What a great job with a lovely soup.

  7. sheila prosterman says

    I just hadto visit your blog because we both have cats themes going on.
    What simply lovely buttons I liked the simplicity with the ring and thenecklace that matches it.

  8. What a beautiful set you made with your soup. Love that necklace and you are so right. That linen is perfect with that heart. Love the little earrings. They dangle so pretty. Great job!

  9. Monique U says

    I love the soup Cassi sent and you made awesome and unique designs with it, Clare 🙂 It’s nice to see a ring among them… not many participants feature rings 🙂

  10. Very beautiful designs you’ve done. I love all of them but the little button ring is so loveley. He’s my absolutly favourite.

  11. Such a sweet little button ring! And the necklace is my favorite, too. I like the simplicity in them, it makes them fresh and happy, not a bit overdone, what so easily happens (to me).

  12. vem030956 says

    love the ring…but REALLY love the necklace! Excellent job!

  13. You’re right that button ring is simply perfect. I love your style . Everything is simple and beautifully done.

  14. Wonderful pieces! I really love the necklace. It’s style and choice of cording and beads really compliments the pretty heart focal.

  15. What’s not to love about what you created here? First off, the palette of colors you received from your partner was just so yummy. That button ring is really beautiful. I also like your necklace. The simplicity in how you pulled the colors and beads together with the focal and button closure. . .it looks like they all belong together!

  16. Your pieces are wonderful. I love the simple beauty of the ring! And the necklace and earrings are so colorful and wearable. Great work!

  17. Everything you made is so beautiful – the ring is an eye-catcher, any time I looked at the earrings I found some new beads and combos, they are summery, beach-y, bohemian and you did justice to the focal with the smart design of the necklace to keep it reversible and displaying all the colors of the focal!

  18. Great use of the waxed linen on those earrings. I love them! The necklace,too, is such a pretty mix of colors and movement. I am inspired by what you made with your soup. I agree, the button needs no more than its own statement as a ring. Bravo!

  19. The necklace is cute! 🙂 i’m actually organising a mass bead soup where all the crafters get the same set of beads 🙂 i think it ll be really cool too see what 10s or even 100s of people make with the same beads! planning to send out the beads 2 aug with designs revealed end aug. Would be cool if u d like to take part (details on 🙂

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