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10 on the tenth and weekly photos 19/52











20140512-140740.jpg 10 on the tenth from Saturday, I didn’t post on Saturday because it was the Bead Soup Blog Party reveal and I didn’t want to be posting all day!  So here they are!

1.  Mr Y and I got up early to go a local church ‘Garage’ sale.  We got there so early we had to join a little line to get in.  Very keen!  I spotted this box as soon as we got there and I thought it would be ideal to store photos in.  When I bought it, it was labeled ‘suprise hardware $1’, so I took my hardware chances and got the box.  Turns out it is great for my photos and it was indeed full of hardware including some very nice hooks I will most likely use.  Good start to the sale!

2.  The jewels I made with the beads I received as part of the Bead Soup exchange.

3. and 4. A tin and buttons from the sale.

5. and 6. Award winning magnets!  Another score from the garage sale.  I have no idea what I will do with these, but they are so 1970’s, I love them!

7.  My neighbour was cutting her roses and gave me these two, they are so pretty, look at the pink one, it has three blooms in one.

8. and 9.  I decided to paint an area of the inside of the front door with chalk board paint, so that I can write things to remember on there.  Ironically we got to school today only to find we had forgotten Mr Y’s backpack!

10.  I thought I saw a puddy cat!






This week’s photos are a little sparse, but we have:

1.  An ancient tap in the woods.

2. Exploring with the metal detector.

3. We met a box turtle along the wood path.

4. Antropologie window, beautiful and creative as always.

5.  My Mother’s Day card!

Another week whizzes by filled with good things!


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