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Hand Made Card Swap

In April I joined in a Spring Card Swap hosted by Kerry at Handmade Success. The deal was, make a card or buy a handmade card and send it snail mail to your allotted partner. Done and done.

This was a nice change for me as I don’t usually make cards, I have printed photos onto cards, but I don’t paint or write or paint and write on cards.  I do now!  I had such fun using the brush script technique to paint on lots of cards.  Firstly painting and writing through a pile of paper to warm up my brush and brain.

My partner was Kerry from Handmade Success (no pressure then) and I made her a brush script card. Or rather I made lots with various words and phrases and picked the one I liked best. I ruined one by trying to be cute with washi tape. Fail. Keep it simple stupid was the lesson learnt there methinks.



20140514-123408.jpgI sent the middle card to Kerry and I received the beauty above.  It is a lovely colour with a slightly embossed feel to the print, so this photo really doesn’t do it justice.

So thanks to Kerry for organising the swap and I am already looking forward to making more cards!  I have decided to send more cards and letters in the mail too.  Yay!

Happy Wednesday.  x

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