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Get Messy Art Journaling – Season of Happy Continues



Simple pages this week.

I am pleased with the black gesso and white paint pen on the first spread, it is so effective. When I began these pages, I had plans to add lots to it and when I stuck down the moon (thank you National Geographic from the 1980’s), I didn’t want to add any more collage or cuttings.

I don’t usually make the finished page in one sitting mainly because the layers need to dry before I can add any pen work or extra bits and bobs.

The background was painted with my fingers but kept more orderly than normal finger applied paint!

It was a fabulous full moon this week too, so that must have influenced me.

The second spread may or may not be finished.  It is hard to stop sometimes and sometimes the opposite happens and I don’t know whether to add more and run the risk of ruining the pages.  What I might do is make this page again and continue to add to the new page and see if I like it!  Inspiration for the black on white page came from this week’s Get Messy prompt suggesting a monochromatic look while still keeping with the ‘happy’ theme.

For the black feathers I used masking fluid for the shaft down the middle and I painted with black watercolor to get the feathery effect. I am a little bit addicted to painting feathers at the minute, I like them so much!

I hope you are have a creative time and Happy Thursday!





  1. Your finger painting is really lovely & definitely agree with you that the black & white doodling looks fab!
    I think if it was me I would stop on your second spread (I’m the worlds worst for adding more!) it’s so delicate as it is, just beautiful.

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