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Weekly Photos 7/52







It has been a week of weather and appointments.  The kids were off on Monday for President’s Day, then one had a sick day on Tuesday. I had an ultrasound appointment on Wednesday which is always nerve wracking, but it went fine and all clear.  Then on Thursday the youngest had his yearly check up at the pediatricians. Phew!

By Friday we were happy to have the school field trip to the Missouri Botanical Gardens to look forward to.  It was a glorious day, warm and sunny and the gardens were a-buzz with staff working on the flower beds and general maintenance. Of course the outdoor plants are not blooming yet, but we had the privilege of seeing the orchid show which was stunning.  After that, we had a tour with a lovely guide around the indoor climatron.  The kids were great and we had a super time!

The weekend was a boiler (for February) as temperatures leapt up to 78 degrees.  T shirts were out!

Photos –

1. I worked on my art journal this week and the dog helped out with some photos!

2. The Chihuly glass at the entrance to the Missouri Botanical Gardens is always breathtaking.

3. The orchids were beautiful.

4. In the Climatron,  everything is growing nicely.

5.  The local library hosted a ‘Star Party’ on Saturday, it was too cloudy to see the moon, but we learnt how to use the telescopes and they can be checked out of the library just like a book.  How cool is that, I can’t wait to get the telescope so that we can check out the man in the moon!

6.  I played with an orchid photo in the ‘Brushstroke’ app.

Have a fab week!  It is forecast snow here on Wednesday….

Happy Monday x


  1. Wow a ‘Star Party’ what a great library you have & telescopes to take home…bonus! Oh & I love your orchids, will definitely take a look at that app.

    • HI Gilly! Yes, our library is fab, I don’t know what I would do without it. I go almost every day to pick up something or return. We can’t wait to get the telescope to look at the stars from our own back yard.

    • Any ‘anomaly’ is a nightmare isn’t it? This was an ovarian ultrasound although I regularly have to have the boobs ultrasounded too. I am pleased your boobs passed!!

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