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‘I Like Friday’ The Get Messy Art Journaling Edition





Art Journaling is fast becoming part of my daily routine and I love that it is in my life and on a regular basis.

The first and last images are in my ‘regular’ sketchbook and are inspired by prompts and supplies from the Get Messy Art Journaling group.  I may do more on the last spread with the owl and the Brownies, although I like the white space and simplicity of it right now.

The middle background spread was inspired by a video from Alisa Burke where she paints a flower background using her fingers.  I decided to give it a go, I like the result and I will definitely be playing with the paints some more to see what else I can do.  This spread is in an old book I am using as an art journal.

I might just be addicted to using vintage books as sketchbooks, each page is different just because the paper already has images and words on it and I work over them.  I don’t usually incorporate the original images, but they always look great under whatever I work onto the page.  The books I use are from either estate sales or library discarded books and I like books with words and images and a hard cover.

This Friday I am also liking the fantastic weather we are having!  It is 78 degrees today and the sun is shining out of a blue sky.

Have a wonderful weekend, happy Friday!


  1. I am so glad you get to art journal every day. I miss the odd day, but the time I spend in my office creating is my favourite part of the day!

  2. I love your pages, Clare! 🙂 Being free and playing is such fun, and I love how you let the middle page just come to life in its own way…very pretty and colorful! It does make such a difference to make time each day to meet up with our art journals…it sure does for me! 🙂 Happy Creating!

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