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Paint Swatch Poetry for Halloween

I first saw paint swatch poetry on two fab blogs I follow, Leaf and Petal and The Magpie Diaries.  I thought it was a great idea and couldn’t wait to get to the DIY store to grab a handful of paint swatches.  They must have thought I was painting a whole building once I had gathered my pile!

I did a couple of random ‘poem’s and it is super fun, I thought I would have to have lots of attempts, but I just went for it and discarded the less successful.

I arranged the cards by colour rather than the crazy names, so that I wouldn’t get distracted by the words.  I find random very difficult, so I let myself sort colours.

Cards with three colours were easier because all the ‘organising’ is already done.

I started with these.



From the Tree

Apple Cider

From the Field

Brown Bread

From Pure Joy




Oh my goodness, those Pinking Shears have gone Completely Bananas at my expense.

There is no more Hibiscus Tea thanks to next door’s giant Gecko.

Hand over the bowl of Mac and Cheese please.



The hollow Gourd rolled across the floor of the empty Tea Room, just like a stray line from Poetry in the Park.

At the Corner Bakery, nineteen children chew on Fried Dough like they were bears in a Fish Market.

Outside across the fields and down the lane with the Glacier Ice fountain,

The setting sun turns our Bungalow Gold.


Then I remembered I wanted to do Halloween ones and these were super super fun and I could imagine a class of kids having a blast with this.







Fancy making some paint swatch poetry?  Go for it!  See what the kids can come up with too.



  1. The Halloween theme is great and the colours etc. My favourite line has to be: “The hollow Gourd rolled across the floor of the empty Tea Room”. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing and linking x

    • Thanks Rebecca, and for the idea! It was a really good exercise for writing and creativity, I will be getting more colours and doing this again.

  2. Great stuff Clare! Really love that last Halloween one. How funny that one of the colours is named “Poetry in the Park”! x

  3. this is the best!I was at Masters this sunday just gone, I wish I had seen this earlier so I can join in!

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