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Weekly Photos 40/52

1. There was a gaggle of these mushrooms along the trail this week, they were hidden away in the bushes, but I spotted the bright orange and reached in for a snap. 2. Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken on route 66. 3. A Hardware store with the painted sign on the wall. 4. Pizza night was a success!  Bread dough is like magic! 5-7. Halloween decorations came out this past weekend. Have a lovely week, happy Monday x

One+Four=Life. Weekly Photos 43/52.

1. A fire pit with (veggie) sausages and s’mores on a Autumn evening is the best!  I picked this fab vintage fire pit up from a yard sale and it is the perfect size. 2. As I walked through the park past the same bridge I see almost every day, I was drawn to the bright red tree.  I am sure the leaves have turned brown and dropped off by now, which makes me grateful to see the trees everyday so that I don’t miss their glorious colour change at this time of year. 3. I picked this giant two tone tomato this week and it is ripening nicely, I might get a few more red tomatoes and the rest are heading for pickles.  Most of the ripe tomatoes are being chopped with a chili from one of my plants and some coriander to make a salsa, I am eating fresh salsa at every opportunity. 4. We had our annual Halloween street party this weekend and everyone had a lovely time meeting each other and …

Six Word Saturday

I got this idea from Pinterest (of course) and I think it worked rather well!  These are for the kids on our street and I am going to make them for the school Halloween party next week.  I want to add some plastic spiders or bugs to the school ones – extra creepy! Are you a big Halloween fan?  There is no getting away from it over here, so you might as well embrace it! Happy weekend!

Halloween Mandala

Halloween mandala!  Betcha didn’t see that coming did you!?  Okay, maybe a little bit as I drew 100 of them for ‘The 100 Day Project’ earlier in the year. I took a few ‘along the way’ pictures so that you can see how I made this mandala, the main thing is to use your imagination, don’t think about it too much and go for it! You could make one with Halloween stickers or stamps too. To start the mandala I usually make a pencil outline.  For this one, I grabbed my ruler and drew lines which all crossed at the same point in the centre but I didn’t measure, so I ended up with uneven sections for my Halloween mandala.  Then I used my compass and made some circles of different sizes getting bigger and bigger from the centre.  This is your base to fill in the sections you have created. When I have drawn mandalas in the past, I normally start in the centre, but to be honest I couldn’t think of anything for …

Halloween Doodling.

Halloween and ink splat art go together like tricks and treats! Add a spot of doodling and a fun picture is soon made,  to use for a card or for an impromptu gift and you feel all clever and spooky. For this picture, I used watercolour paper which holds the ink nicely, but it doesn’t matter what paper you choose. I used post it notes to mask off a rectangle in the centre which becomes the window. Of course you could use painters tape if you have some knocking about, but I have none which is why I hacked up post it notes for the job. Then comes the fun part, dip your brush into the ink and splash it about, tap the brush and splat the whole brush down for nice big splotches! I did this outside so that the ink didn’t get everywhere, which it did, but the grass doesn’t mind! Once it is all nice and dry, remove the mask in the middle and start to add spooky details to the splats …

Through The Lens Thursday #44. Play.

  Today was the Halloween parade at school, so a chance to play at being someone else!  The kids were Ninja Turtles, bank robbers, soldiers, Hobbit characters, rock stars and every character from Minecraft. The parade goes in a square on the roads around the school led by the local police which is very cool for the kids, they love it! Today’s Through the Lens Thursday was ‘Play’, so I snapped the legs and feet of some of the Halloween characters as they passed me by. Have a happy and safe Halloween night tomorrow.

Weekly Photos 43/52 2014

1.  Mushrooms are few and far between at the minute, so I was happy to see this bunch nestled in an old fallen tree. 2.  There was a partial eclipse of the sun this week, but it was around sunset, so the sun was disappearing as it got eclipsed and it was cloudy too!  So, all I managed to glimpse was a very pretty sunset with a partially eclipsed sun behind some clouds! 3.  Our local YMCA has a Halloween ‘Spooktacular’ every year and the kids get to go in a canoe and fish a pumpkin out of the diving well of the pool.  I love the colour of the pumpkins against the water. 4.  The old Shoe International Company building in St Louis city, looking good against the blue October sky and with the yellow tree too. 5.  We picked up a vintage postcard and this is what is said on the back.  I think all trips should be ‘swell’ and ‘elegant’. 6.  Art on Cherokee St in St Louis. We had a good …

Paint Swatch Poetry for Halloween

I first saw paint swatch poetry on two fab blogs I follow, Leaf and Petal and The Magpie Diaries.  I thought it was a great idea and couldn’t wait to get to the DIY store to grab a handful of paint swatches.  They must have thought I was painting a whole building once I had gathered my pile! I did a couple of random ‘poem’s and it is super fun, I thought I would have to have lots of attempts, but I just went for it and discarded the less successful. I arranged the cards by colour rather than the crazy names, so that I wouldn’t get distracted by the words.  I find random very difficult, so I let myself sort colours. Cards with three colours were easier because all the ‘organising’ is already done. I started with these.   From the Tree Apple Cider From the Field Brown Bread From Pure Joy Gingersnap.   Oh my goodness, those Pinking Shears have gone Completely Bananas at my expense. There is no more Hibiscus Tea thanks …

Weekly photos Oct 28 2013

Pair of mushrooms and an ant. Cheese Swirl Buns to go with tomato soup for a quick dinner. A very chilly morning. I smiled as I took this dude’s picture.  He has such a funny face. Bodhi carved a mini pumpkin. Block Party street art. A box full of sewing treasures found at a basement sale. Halloween decos. Shadow on the street. It has been a busy week, dentist appointments, parent teacher conferences, gymnastics, karate belt test, sleepovers, chilli cook off at school and a street Halloween party.  Phew. I finished watching ‘Derek’ on Netflix this week and I loved it.  What are you watching?  Anything I need to catch up on? Have a fab week!

Weekly Photos October 14

  1. The table of cacti got decorated this year! 2. A glow in the dark skelly head. 3.  Bodhi and I finishing up the web. We spent part of the weekend adding to the Halloween decos!  Bought the obligatory ‘spider web’ which we will be finding until next year as usual.  It does look rather good though, which is why we buy the stuff every year and drape the porch and surrounding foliage with it. I remember when we first moved to the States 10 years ago and thinking that people went way over the top for Halloween…ahem….