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Half way through Carve December.

I am now just over halfway through Carve December and I am enjoying it so much.  I tried carving a stamp a few years ago and didn’t get on with it at all. I think I was using the wrong rubber block and I found it very frustrating.

Since then I have looked in a few books and watched a couple of tutorials and have made a handful of stamps.

While I was in Portland in October the artists I was staying with were talking about Carve December and I thought it sounded rather intimidating and almost impossible to make a rubber stamp every day.

December rolls around and I have forgotten all about it until I see my friend’s post and I am reminded that I said I would give it a go.  So I jumped in and the water is great!

Carving stamps has made me slow down in my creating, take my time and not rush. I tend to rush most things I make, mainly because I feel like I should be doing something else, like washing the pots.

There is a list of prompts which I follow or ignore, depending on what I fancy carving.

So far I am enjoying the mix and match stamps like the cacti and the plant pots and the collection of flower petals and centers.  Of course I also love the cassette tape and the camera!

I am learning and my carving skills are improving as is my stamp collection!

Happy Monday x


  1. Hope Smitherman says

    You’ve made so many amazing stamps! Yours are so intricate and detailed. I’m particularly taken with the wreath. I’m doing my best with this challenge myself, but maybe I should go watch some videos and read some books as you have…and maybe I should stop using erasers. Ha!

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