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Halloween Mandala

Halloween mandala

Halloween mandala!  Betcha didn’t see that coming did you!?  Okay, maybe a little bit as I drew 100 of them for ‘The 100 Day Project’ earlier in the year.

I took a few ‘along the way’ pictures so that you can see how I made this mandala, the main thing is to use your imagination, don’t think about it too much and go for it! You could make one with Halloween stickers or stamps too.


To start the mandala I usually make a pencil outline.  For this one, I grabbed my ruler and drew lines which all crossed at the same point in the centre but I didn’t measure, so I ended up with uneven sections for my Halloween mandala.  Then I used my compass and made some circles of different sizes getting bigger and bigger from the centre.  This is your base to fill in the sections you have created.

Halloween mandala

When I have drawn mandalas in the past, I normally start in the centre, but to be honest I couldn’t think of anything for the centre when I started, so I used the skinny spaces around the outside to draw witch’s brooms in.  Just go with the flow and fill in the spaces, in whatever order works for you.

Halloween Mandala

Then I added witch’s hats and under them, some monster eyes.  Sometimes I draw it all in pencil then pen over, or I will just go for it in pen.

Halloween Mandala

Fill in some shapes, outline some shapes in thicker pen, make some jack o’ lantern faces, add some colour, a few creepy spider webs…  Fill in all of the spaces for a super cool Halloween mandala, then erase all of your pencil marks, stand back and admire your hard work!

Mwahahahahaha, happy Wednesday!

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